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    2019.7.105 (w/hw3?) center display went black while on freeway for my wife an hour ago

    So the blank screen has happened to me while driving about 3 or 4 times since 2012. It's happened on my 2012 Model S, and it's also happened (once) on my 2016 Model S. It was a bit alarming the first time, but then I realized it doesn't impact your ability to drive the car. I just do the two...
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    Beautiful 6 Powerwall Installation

    EVPGH, yours is an equally beautiful installation - maybe except for the oversized garden hose wall bracket. I searched for a long time before I found this inexpensive bracket on the RB Components web site. Take a look: Large Bracket - Cords, Hoses I'll be thinking of you guys, the next time...
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    Supercharger - Altamonte Springs, FL

    I was at the Altamonte Springs SC station 2 days ago and it still was not operational. Half the parking spaces were ICEd. These spaces are some of the closest to Whole foods, so I imagine ICEING will forever be a problem here. I went to the Orlando (Sand Lake) SC instead. It's in the Wawa...
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    Supercharger - Fort Stockton, Texas

    This location would be perfect for a trailer mounted industrial generator. Add a couple of 80A HPWCs, and a "chill lounge" in an Airstream trailer. Done and done. Then when the superchargers are eventually completed, move the entire setup to the next "impossible" location and repeat.
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    BMW i3 charging at a Tesla Showroom HPWC

    Based on the sign that says "Tesla charging only", I would consider this theft. In a nutshell, Tesla is offering free fuel to its customers via the HPWC. As a business owner, I understand that there may be times when I want to offer a perk to MY customers, as a "thank you" for their business...
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    Battery size headache!!

    Long wait time? Funny. I waited 27 months from 2010 to 2012. But I still have the Tesla grin after 3 1/2 years, and 46K miles. Enjoy!
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    Battery size headache!!

    I would recommend getting the 90kWh battery if you can afford it. I've owned a Model S 85 for 3 1/2 years. The choice isn't only about initial range. Over time you will experience some range degradation, which will make you appreciate having the longer range battery to begin with. Also, with...
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    Electric Bicycles

    I've owned an Optibike Pioneer Allroad for about 2 years. It's a high quality bike with a mid drive motor on the crank. It's a pedal assist with a top speed around 23 mph, and it effortlessly cruises at 17 to 18 mph. It's not as heavy as many other ebikes. It's been a joy to own. Optibike is...
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    Prediction: Model 3 reservation crush will spark Supercharger competition

    Well, it's kinda hard to compete with free. Also, while a competing fast charge infrastructure could build out fairly quickly if the majors all cooperated with each other, they still don't have long range BEVs that are all capable of using the same fast charging standard. And if one major...
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    Destination Charger Anxiety

    Many locations have at least 2 HPWCs, plus a public L2 charger. Although, some of the older HPWC installations only have a single charger. I would like to see many more vendors installing Destination chargers. I wish the Tesla owners had literature to hand out to vendors so hotel managers and...
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    Bank of America SUCKS! Who Wants my Loan!?

    It sounds like you're good to go with an Auto Loan at BofA. However, another alternative (also w/ BofA) would be a Home Equity Line of Credit. The rate will be a bit higher (~3.5%), but you should be able to deduct the interest on your taxes, which may (or may not) be beneficial for your...
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    Destination Charger Anxiety

    I used more than a dozen Destination chargers on a 33 day road trip in 2015. Most were located at hotels. Some in valet, and some in self parking. I didn't have a single problem. In every case, I was the only car charging. I also planned to use a few public Level 2 chargers (overnight)...
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    Using Superchargers for Local Charging

    If it's far enough that you are not sleeping at home, I guess it's a road trip.
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    Using Superchargers for Local Charging

    Model 3 may have a priced option to buy into the supercharger network (~$2,000), just like it used to be for the MS 60. In my travels, I visited more than 55 superchargers. None were heavily used except for the one we visited in the San Diego metropolitan area. Lots of locals charging. They...
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    Using Superchargers for Local Charging

    That's it! "Metro-charger". I like that term. A pay per use "supercharger", located in (and around) major cities. Tesla could even team with a strategic partner like Chargepoint or Blink (if necessary) to defray the capital expense. However, it really needs to happen before the Model 3 hits...

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