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    Plaid+ reservation holders: what is Tesla telling you?

    Goes to show that Tesla pricing is like magic fairy dust 😂
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    Model S Refresh Delivery Dates

    Yes in the $100k+ market you should be used to delays. It gets worse with lamborghinis in the $200k+ market. They cater to people who want toys. And if said people want the toys today, they need to go on the used market and put $50k above sticker for it. Check out the prices of 2021 Lamborghini...
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    Selling 2016 Model S P90D, - $55k

    >50k, It went towards a new car and I had multiple trade-ins. So I don't know how much went to the Tesla, but based on how much I wanted for the other car, the Tesla was given about 50k of weight. With the "tax benefit", where I pay taxes on the difference in trade-in and selling price of new...
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    Selling 2016 Model S P90D, - $55k

    This has been sold to a dealership, it's still listed on their site if anyone is interested haha. Feel free to message me, I can get you in touch with the manager there who bought it. 2016 Tesla Model S P90D St. Louis MO 35971410
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    Selling 2016 Model S P90D, - $55k

    Yes, but this is nothing compared to customizing a 2020 G wagon. 30 exterior colors to choose from, endless interior color combos (dual dash, diamond stitch, color contrast, stitch color)... the fear of better options keeps me up at night :( Tesla was easy, the "here's your car suck it up"...
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    Selling 2016 Model S P90D, - $55k

    Still available by the way, likely not going to trade this in for another Tesla. Also got the car freshly detailed on March 18, 2020 (I felt bad for the local detail shop because they called me saying their schedule is completely empty, so I sent all my cars in).
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    What does tesla do when trade-in value exceeds price of new car?

    I'm actually very curious now, how much did it end up costing you once you account for down payment, monthly fees...etc... minus that 30k? (Basically, how much did you end up spending?) This sounds pretty incredible, haha.
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    What does tesla do when trade-in value exceeds price of new car?

    Hey, I received a trade-in quote for my G wagon (please forgive me, my daily driver is an S*) and it's higher than a new Model S. I couldn't find anything in the FAQ about it so I wonder if anyone has had experience trading in a car to Tesla with remaining credit. Does it just zero out the...
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    Selling 2016 Model S P90D, - $55k

    Thanks! Nice to see a quickly growing interest in Indiana :) Haha, this might be me as well. Given that Tesla often provides the left tail of trade-in offers, I don’t understand why people would offer less. Trading in a car is very easy, why would I forgo convenience to get $5,000 less? The...
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    Selling 2016 Model S P90D, - $55k

    Still available!
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    Selling White 2019 Tesla "Stealth" Model 3 Performance

    I’m feeling generous, so 42k?
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    In the Market for a Model X P100D

    3 years ago today is February 22, 2017. Just keep in mind that most leases are 3 years long, so the Model X P100D in inventory will only grow in size in the coming months as off-lease ones roll in. Be careful of buyers remorse from pulling the trigger too soon!
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    New Loaner Policy

    I still get mobile service so I've been using that - it works OK but has gone downhill over the years (went from practically next day appointments despite being 2.5 hours away from closest SC to appointments 2 weeks out despite now having a SC 1 hour away..) Are you guys going to the service...
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    Selling 2016 Model S P90D, - $55k

    Thanks, haha. I've done it before in the past (but never in the first post), only to be offered less than Tesla Trade-in, so I went with the Tesla Trade-in. I figure this way I would weed out all the tire kickers.
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    Selling 2016 Model S P90D, - $55k

    Hey, I received this trade-in offer from Tesla today (2/16/2020) so I'm gonna put it here. Note that Tesla's offer is for the car with the 19 inch wheels (window sticker only has 19 inch wheels). I can do $55k with the 21 inch wheels (tires have 3k miles on them) or $54k with the 19 inch wheels...

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