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  1. fsch

    Decision to keep or not to keep my 2013 Model S

    Here are residual values for "Long Range" MS (i.e. 85/90/100 excluding P) according to a couple sources compared to the equation above. My experience is that (at least my) car maintained its value for a while (like Tesla-Info data, orange dots) then dropped when M3 started to be delivered "en...
  2. fsch

    Can't start heating from the app while charging at a CHAdeMO when at low range!

    My dear Californian car is silver must be blond in the inside because there are a few things she doesn't understand very well, especially about Winter. It's my 6th Winter with the car, so I'm used to it, but there are some new strange behaviors (at least to me) that must result from recent...
  3. fsch

    Unwanted Cabin Heating

    @JLC13, I also have an MS 2013 which is usually parked in our unheated garage attached to the house, and I live in Montréal, QC, so similar situation I guess. My experience is that the car is usually 10°C (so about 20°F) above the outside temperature. It's a combined effect of the garage being...
  4. fsch

    Fix your door that won't open

    P.S. With the gear repaired and the door reassembled, it operates as before: the door operates normally but the car handles don't come out when this handle is pressed. I forgot to mention that at the bottom of the door interior, I also found the rubber pad supposed to cover the handle assembly...
  5. fsch

    Fix your door that won't open

    Here's a new one, for me at least: position sensor wire torn appart both ends! This is the 10th (or 11th?) door handle change or repair on my car. This time, it's the passenger front door, with the motor sound, so I thought it was the broken gear problem. I purchased one, with a couple of...
  6. fsch

    Battery died with 10 km Typical Range left?

    In all three instances of going below 10-20 km of range, it was the circumstances rather than the "trill" of "rid[ing] on fumes" that made me arrive tight. This time around, it was snow on the road and headwinds in the last part of the trip, unaccounted for in my planning. And trusting my prior...
  7. fsch

    Battery died with 10 km Typical Range left?

    So yesterday, for the first time in 5.5 years and 253 000 km, I got caught. I was 1 km from destination with +3 km of range left when the car decided that was it... And I lost 21 km of maximum range in the process. After being alerted to safely pull over and stop the car, I was able to drive...
  8. fsch

    Supercharging old timers

    For me, this is the case for a while (a year?) at the supercharger near home, where I seldomly charge anyway, only if I forgot to plug the car at home the night before traveling. I thought it was related to the "superchargers are for travel" kind of argument. But being limited to <80 kWh at...
  9. fsch

    Supercharging old timers

    +1 We were getting >100 kW at low SoC until 2 weeks ago, and after the last update, we"re now limited to 80 kW. We're currently on 2019.32.2.1.
  10. fsch

    Supercharger - Jackman, ME

    Just wanted to point out that this is a great location for people (like me:D) traveling sometimes between the Eastern Townships (Sherbrooke, Magog) and Nova Scotia or the South of New Brunswick. We went through that route a couple of times. It cuts about 200 km and 1h driving compared to going...
  11. fsch

    Sponsoring a plug in St. Barbe, NL?

    While the plug would be at Anse-aux-meadows (Parks Canada) at the northern tip of Newfoundland rather than in St. Barbe, this could be an occasion.
  12. fsch

    Sponsoring a plug in St. Barbe, NL?

    Hi all, We're back from a fantastic "circum-Gulf of Saint Lawrence" trip in our 235 000 km MS! We saw nearly a hundred whales total (a humpback whale even saw us form 20 feet at the Blanc-Sablon wharf), 7-8 icebergs, hundreds of puffins, 5-6 bald eagles, seals, what else? Plus fantastic...
  13. fsch

    This Motor Industry Will Self Destruct In... ?

    Two years ago, I made a prediction/extrapolation about the Canadian EV sales market share with the intention to check each year if I was correct. Last year I reported that data were indeed following the trend, and that they were behaving a bit like Moore's law for the number of transistors on a...
  14. fsch

    Used MS 19" mag or compatible for spare tire

    We'll be traveling East to remote locations this Summer (Côte Nord to Natashquan, then Blanc Sablon, Anse-aux-Meadows, Gros Morne, Fogo, St-Pierre-et-Miquelon, St-John, and back through NS) and I thought I should not push my luck too much and I should bring a spare tire & wheel with me. (Last...
  15. fsch

    broken subframe after hit curb

    Looking at the 2nd picture here, the subframe looks quite exposed to possible hits. And I could imagine how a good hit on the wheel is transmitted to the subframe through the tie rod. The car is heavy, and aluminum is not as tough as steel. Personally, my threshold for insurance claim is...

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