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  1. GeorgeM

    Single piston rear caliper retraction method?

    I turned the disk with a channel lock pliers. A little awkward but probably less involved than removing the e-brake motor. Maybe not, and I'll certainly investigate that option next time the brakes are due to be cleaned and lubed.
  2. GeorgeM

    Single piston rear caliper retraction method?

    On my car (2020, single piston, integrated parking brake) the rear caliper has to be rotated to compress. Pressure will not work. I have a kit with various "disks" to fit screw down pistons. The cover you reference made it impossible to use it as designed but it is possible to lock onto the...
  3. GeorgeM

    Lifetime Average Wh/mi

    I was averaging 330+ Wh/m until some time in early 2020. I can't prove it but I swear a software update changed something. My efficiency took a sudden turn for the better. Performance was unchanged (according to Dragy). I do make an effort to be efficient but traffic is traffic and there is only...
  4. GeorgeM

    Lifetime Average Wh/mi

    Two year mark. Efficiency improved substantially over the second year/10,000 miles. Several 2,000 mile trips going along with traffic, usually in the 70 to 75 mph range. Pretty sane driving habits, but not shy about enjoying the torque.
  5. GeorgeM

    Newbie Range Question

    Part of the missing piece could be that ABRP has the software for your car as "alpha" so all the assumptions they are using are still being refined. My 2020 is still shown as a "beta" version. Also, if you haven't, click on "settings" and then "detailed" to enter specifics for the way you drive...
  6. GeorgeM

    Lifetime Average Wh/mi

    Your battery has certainly degraded to some extent and there is part of the battery capacity that serves as a buffer and is not accessible for driving. So you are not accurate in saying that you used 69kWh. You used 69% of available capacity, according to the car. What is your...
  7. GeorgeM

    Wheel change/range change

    Is this your usual Wh consumption? I seems like something is wrong, like a seized caliper? I just finished a 3,400 mile road trip (the first long trip - thank you covid) from NJ to FL, around FL and back to NJ. Route 95 down and back driving with traffic or with the cruise set to 74. Consumption...
  8. GeorgeM

    Wheel change/range change

    You almost certainly have lost some rated/displayed range. Some battery degradation is inevitable and yours was probably "masked" by the switch to the SlipStreams. Lots of threads on this topic. My 2020 MS P has lost just over 2% of rated range from delivery. Most of that was in the first year...
  9. GeorgeM

    Cracked Rotor - Brand New. How?

    Not 100% certain, but from how it appears in the picture something was trapped between the hub and the rotor. All the cracks radiate outward from one point and the cracks are wider at that "center" point. Entirely possible the rotor was machined incorrectly but more likely some small foreign...
  10. GeorgeM

    Model S Windshield Wipers

    I got mine the same month you did but I suspect that has nothing to do with the problem. I found 3 things contributing to the wipers juddering and skipping so badly that driving in the rain was borderline dangerous. I did not have issues with the spray pattern. The first was that the windshield...
  11. GeorgeM

    Lifetime Average Wh/mi

    @2madcal you might want to see if Tesla can do an over the air check on your car. My car matches yours - October 2019 build, Performance. I have 19" wheels versus maybe 21's on yours? Our driving habits seem identical. Either on the highway averaging 75 mph or in town running errands. No rush...
  12. GeorgeM

    Am I seeing things?

    Can't be a drop bear, there are no claws or fangs and Elon would never allow something vicious to leave the factory. Or would he?
  13. GeorgeM

    Am I seeing things?

    Seriously? Taking your design cues for the yoke from a Koala?
  14. GeorgeM

    Model S Body Kit

    Why is his mouth hanging open like he's out of breath? Just no.
  15. GeorgeM

    Software update 2020.48.26.x update, font size problems

    I don't hate the changes that I see on my model S, but I'm certainly not a fan. Common conjecture seems to be that the re-configuring is to allow more/better FSD visualization. Why does the driver need this? For true FSD the car needs it for sure, but as the driver I need to know what the car is...

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