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    Model S (2013) rear-left airsuspension leak (?)

    Hello Widodh! My 2013 P85 (400.000km on the ODO) started to have the same problem (rear left going down alone after being parked several days) a few months ago. Now it looks like the whole car is going down even after a single day park. Hence my search for leak will probably have to expand to...
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    DC - DC converter / AC compressor repair

    There are 4 fuses in total in the DC/DC converter: Two 40 Amp fuses: one protects the DC/DC converter on the input side and one protects the AC compressor output. Two 20 Amp fuses: one for the battery heater and one for the cabin heater. So far I experienced 2 failures of the 40 Amp fuse...
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    Hi, are you still looking for a Tesla exchange this coming summer?

    Hi, are you still looking for a Tesla exchange this coming summer?
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    Hi Lanber Following your post on 18/05/18, did you have your 85 kWh pack changed? If yes, to...

    Hi Lanber Following your post on 18/05/18, did you have your 85 kWh pack changed? If yes, to which capacity? Thanks in advance for your reply, P.
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    Using TM-Spy to see Model S data.

    Actually, I should re-phrase a bit. No NEW balancing computation will happen until pack is charged to 93%. Prior balancing computation may still be in effect before that. There may be a time-out (at least several days) for the prior balancing process to be stopped but I am not sure as I...
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    Using TM-Spy to see Model S data.

    Easy answer. No balancing happens if pack is charged below 93%. Note: there is a reason for this 93% SoC. 93% SoC is the charge level where the BMS switches from Constant Current (CC) mode to Constant Voltage (CV). Indeed, since balancing depends on voltage, it cannot happen in CC mode where...
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    Using TM-Spy to see Model S data.

    There was a typo in my previous post. The charge ends at 4.2V (not 4.1V). Sorry. Reacting to your last post, balancing takes place in each group individually. There is no interaction between groups ; not even between groups within the same module. Balancing actually starts at 93% charge by...
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    Using TM-Spy to see Model S data.

    Looking at the groups in question (54-59 and 72-77), it looks like you have 2 entire modules that show faster signs of degradation than the other 14 modules. I have observed the same with my 2013 P85 (300.000km on the ODO) on one module (covering groups 24-29). While the deltaV you see is not so...
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    2012 Model S undrivable due to parking brack won't release

    Hello there... How did the story end? Did you finally get something repaired? Was it indeed the wiring on the "gear selector" located just behind the steering wheel?
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    So this should kill the generally accepted asymptotic curve. But why an horizontal S-shape curve instead then? Rather than “horizontal S-shape curve”, I should talk about the “cliff curve”. Here is a nice representation of a typical cliff curve It clearly shows a cliff at the end. Well...
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    Why is the asymptotic curve not realistic? We all accept that any mechanical system wears over time right? Regardless of how gently it is used, a gear box, an ICE engine or a clutch will eventually wear to a level that it becomes unusable. We all have experienced this with over a century of ICE...
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    Jammer dat taal het hoofdprobleem hier wordt... Volgende keer zal ik mijn verhaal elders op TMC vertellen ...
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    Tesla Winds and Elevation Web Browser App

    Many thanks Joe. This app is virtually all the time on my central screen as it provides such crucial info for long range driving (200.000 miles on the ODO). I would like to have a second browser to do other things since I can't miss Tesla W&E. A second browser tab would also do the job but...
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    From an automotive industry perspective, I am actually not sure this is good news. The issue will not so much be warranty on battery pack but rather less business replacing cars that last way longer than the traditional ICE cars. This is probably why Tesla will not warrant the Model 3...
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    Furthering my observations about recently observed increase in degradation rate (probably due to that bad module), I now expect to see a horizontal S-shaped curve for high-millage packs. Much different than the asymptotic curve with zero degradation in the long term often suggested on the...

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