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  1. ibdb

    Phantom text messages

    This happens to my wife in our S, but doesn't happen to me when I drive it. It doesn't happen to either of us in our 3. The S had the MCU1 to MCU2 upgrade performed to fix an unrelated problem (that the upgrade didn't fix, but that's another story). We have the same model phone.
  2. ibdb

    Text Message Feature is Displaying Old Messages

    My wife started having this problem in our S after we had to upgrade from MCU1 to MCU2 (long story). When she gets a new text, she will also get a notification for one or more old texts as through they were new. She has no unread messages, though I've seen that floated as a reason. The old ones...
  3. ibdb

    Replacement MCU1

    How has your GPS been working? My wife drives our S and started having GPS wandering issues a couple of months ago. Our MCU was replaced in early 2020 by Tesla. In response to the recent GPS issues, Tesla replaced the connectivity board. That didn't fix it, so they've just told me that the new...
  4. ibdb

    East Pierce/South King County Nav Issues

    The entire MCU was replaced 1/2020. Everything worked fine for more than a year after that point. It's only in the last two months (even less than that, actually) that things have started to act up. After one hardware replacement by Tesla (the Connectivity board last month), I expect them to try...
  5. ibdb

    East Pierce/South King County Nav Issues

    We have an 2015 S85D. A little while ago the Nav started to wander significantly, causing problems with the TACC. My wife would find herself during her commute on 167 and 18 suddenly having the car think she was on a side street, quickly slowing the car from highway speeds to city speeds. We...
  6. ibdb

    Insurance won't pay certified Tesla body shop their charges. Claiming they're too expensive!

    Flashback to 4 years ago! Yes, I had been told to get an estimate from the State Farm approved shop. The State Farm approved shop told me no way -- they didn't touch Teslas. From there, I went to a shop of my choosing, pointing out that their approved shop not only was unable to do the repair...
  7. ibdb

    Downhill Regenerative Charging?

    Standard settings are fine. Take a look at "A Better Route Planner." You can see where it would forecast higher than average usage, and higher than average amounts of regen along your route. A Better Routeplanner
  8. ibdb

    Rebooted MCU Display Not Responding $1948 Bill

    Limping along may not be possible. In my case, the car would not charge after the MCU failure. I agree with asking about the MCU2 upgrade but, if it's not available, there may not be any option but to replace or try to work with a third-party who can help.
  9. ibdb


    That's the odd thing to me. The car never showed offline anywhere I could see. Spotify never paused. Navigation with traffic data never paused. I could lock and unlock the car from a distance. I was able to Supercharge (which I assume has some check-in with Tesla to see if I need to be charged)...
  10. ibdb


    Did anyone else have any issues with your car registering as "Offline" yesterday? I took one my longest road trips yet in our 3, charging to 100% for the first time before leaving. After leaving our garage, the car apparently went offline and remained offline for the next 7+ hours until I got...
  11. ibdb

    2020.8 Bluetooth glitch

    This is not new to this release. My wife sometimes has morning conference calls at home. I drive my son to school. There have been times when I'm still in the house, and he's getting in the car, where her call has transferred to our 3. The new release tried to improve this by requiring someone...
  12. ibdb

    Tesla App 3.10.3 Closing on its own

    Which is why I haven't installed it. ;) :D I come from an IT background. I'm usually pretty good about troubleshooting odd software things. This is one of the odd ones that has me looking for more information. I was trying to figure out if other Android users were having similar issues, or...
  13. ibdb

    Tesla App 3.10.3 Closing on its own

    No, I have not installed the latest iOS update on my Samsung Galaxy Android phone. o_O
  14. ibdb

    Tesla App 3.10.3 Closing on its own

    I did reboot my phone. Seemed to work for a few days, but twice today I've found the app has shut down for no apparent reason. Never noticed this in the last 4.5 years, but it's now becoming something I check regularly to see if there might be a particular app I'm using that might be linked. So...
  15. ibdb

    2 Tesla Charging setup

    If you have a time-of-use rate plan, that could definitely affect the calculus. We have never had to worry about that. I think that having two EVs to charge is a little like people with range anxiety before purchasing and driving their first EV. With some planning and experience, much of the...

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