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Recent content by JimmySure

  1. JimmySure

    Any other Y owners put a deposit on a Lyriq?

    Just like I put $100 down on my Y on somewhat of a whim, I've now done the same on a Lyriq AWD. Assuming Cadillac can deliver on the promise next year, it offers an awful lot of car for the money. While the size is more comparable to a Y, the features are more on par with an S or X and even...
  2. JimmySure

    Family of 4 — used MX or new MY

    My kids are 15 and 13 and we also have a ~30 pound dog. I was worried the Y would not be big enough for road trips, but I was wrong. I’m only 6 feet, but crank the seat back and there is still tons of leg room behind me. More than our Range Rover Sport which is decent. The glass roof has plenty...
  3. JimmySure

    1k Roadtrip with MY - looks like my car was sandblasted.

    Ahhh - that makes sense. Up here in WA most Seattleites head up to the Cascades, so mudflaps and Rear door PPF are pretty much a must.
  4. JimmySure

    1k Roadtrip with MY - looks like my car was sandblasted.

    Sounds like yours got missed in prep as well. Did you ever ask or did you just install? I was told by a Tesla rep shortly after pickup that all new Model Ys were going to have both front flaps and rear PPF installed 🤷‍♂️
  5. JimmySure

    Stopped Roof Rack Noise & Whistle

    Doesn’t that strip now limit your ability to add attachments? Seems like it solved a design flaw and created other issues. I continue to feel better about purchasing the OEM rack. Sometimes saving a few $ is just not worth the hassle.
  6. JimmySure

    1k Roadtrip with MY - looks like my car was sandblasted.

    I’m guessing you have a 2020 or very early 2021. My 2021 (picked up in Aug) had mudflaps installed and was supposed to have PPF which Tesla installed for free when they discovered it was missed in prep.
  7. JimmySure

    May have used the cruise control and auto wipers for the last time...

    I just want to state before my rant that the MY is a great car and one of my faves despite being an ICE fan from my days growing up in Michigan. But the cruise control and auto wipers are just rubbish. I keep thinking Tesla will improve the wipers and phantom braking through updates and keep...
  8. JimmySure

    Carbon Spoiler Separating

    I am shocked that Tesla hasn't decided to either copy the specs of the RPM or OEM it from them. The fit is perfect vs. all the issues folks have with the OEM ones...
  9. JimmySure

    Full matrix headlight functionality just approved by NHTSA!

    Maybe save in absolute $, but at only $5K premium, the P is a screaming bargain. You can easily spend $5K on the wheels, accel boost, and spoiler, yet the P offers so much more. Even though the P was closer to $10K premium when I bought, I would have pulled the trigger knowing what I know now...
  10. JimmySure

    Full matrix headlight functionality just approved by NHTSA!

    While there are a lot of benefits for sure, a 21” tire with larger contact patch and shorter/stiffer sidewall will ALWAYS handle better than the same tire in 19” or 20”.
  11. JimmySure

    Full matrix headlight functionality just approved by NHTSA!

    My 2015 Range Rover Sport auto high beams are excellent. As in notably superior to my 2021 MY.
  12. JimmySure

    Replacing 50 amp breaker with 60 amp?

    I was obsessed with getting max charging at our cabin and considered rewiring for 60 amp, but have literally only wished for faster charging once or twice. My current setup is 50 amp breaker and I charge at 42 amps which is good for 37 mph, so plenty of charge in 4+ hours (plus Supercharger 20...
  13. JimmySure

    I test drove Hyundai Ioniq 5 SEL RWD (short review)

    I had to laugh a bit at the “not paying above MSRP” comments when anyone who bought a Model Y in the past year effectively paid above MSRP with the price hikes 😂
  14. JimmySure

    Model Y - Just OK cold weather car

    Totally agree. The heated front windshield on various Land and Range Rovers is under appreciated. It’s honestly one of my favorite features on that truck 👍
  15. JimmySure

    Model Y - Just OK cold weather car

    I only did this at our cabin trying to warm it up while loading. The trick is to warm it up a good 10-15 minutes before doing anything. Trying to both warm and load at the same time requires selecting the “Keep Climate On” mode vs. being the default. At least there is a solution here 👍

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