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  1. nayr14

    Retrofit CCS compatibility onto earlier (NA) Model 3 - DIY approach

    Where does the connector with different pins populated head to? Are there corresponding missing wires in the harness as well. or are they all populated? I'd be somewhat surprised they'd have a separate module if additional components downstream were required. I feel if it was "properly"...
  2. nayr14

    Big Preconditioning Change

    I've watched ScanMyTesla over the years when it comes to preconditioning my RWD. When it shows preconditioning while traveling on the interstate, the battery inlet temperature immediately begins to rise and the stator temperature drops. Depending on conditions, my theory is they bump up the...
  3. nayr14

    BMS_a035 error

    I might call Tesla directly to see if they can look into the issue and/or bump up your appointment. If you're observations are valid, this sounds serious and could impact the safety/usability of the vehicle. I assume your AC still works, no noticeable change in performance or anything else...
  4. nayr14

    New driving screen battery icon

    Yep. They removed it with the update from January 2021, along with botching the rest of the UI.
  5. nayr14

    Wisconsin Supercharger Discussion & Tracking

    I noticed in the car is reporting 5 super charger stalls at the original Madison location. Did they add two more stalls?
  6. nayr14

    Charge Port Door Not Working - Not missing the chip

    I had the door fail to open by the charge handle, phone and tapping the door for the first time ever this week. It has worked subsequently without issue. I'd expect the failure mode would be something mechanical breaks, in which case we'd hear the door attempting to actuate. I couldn't hear...
  7. nayr14

    I am wondering whether the new lithium 12v battery in Plaid will fit M3 or MY

    It's absolutely not worth switching out the lead acid in the Model 3 for a lithium ion battery, IMO. I can only think of disadvantages to switching to Li-ion, besides weight, which is neglectable unless you're attempting to create a race car and have stripped all creature comforts out of the...
  8. nayr14

    MIT Project Proved Environmental and Economic Value of Tesla Model 3

    I'd like to see the environmental impact of manufacturing of the battery (including mining, refining, transport etc) quantified as well when compared to an ICE vehicle. I've read that todays batteries cost around the same environmental impact as manufacturing the vehicle itself.
  9. nayr14

    120V Charging Battery Temperature Target

    I'm not sure what you situation is, but if you're creating a new run for a 6-20, I'd try to go for 240v charging. 5-15 to 6-20 is only a small step forward. Not only will it charge faster but it will be more efficient since charging has electrical overhead (car is on, pumps are running, etc)...
  10. nayr14

    Tesla trying to install a used battery in my 3

    I doubt the issue is the newer batteries aren't compatible. Physically they should be exactly the same. I'd imagine only SW config changes would be required for the car. I wouldn't be concerned with a reman battery if Tesla is still honoring the warranty. The reality is the battery has a...
  11. nayr14

    DC Solar trailer used for charging my M3

    Note that you will use more energy charging at a lower rate, decreasing your overall charging efficiency. When the car is charging, various system and pumps are running (car is awake), causing at least 200-300w to be used, try charging at 30a+ for better efficiency. Also, charging at a lower...
  12. nayr14

    DC Solar trailer used for charging my M3

    A lot of us tow with Model 3. Tesla only rates the Europe Model 3 for towing (because they install a tow bar). You should be able to two 2,000 LB without an issue.
  13. nayr14

    Tesla Announces CCS1 Adapter Coming to S. Korea Early 2021

    Is this for compliance with new legislation in South Korea? I'm sure Tesla designed this a while ago, I wonder why they'd decide to release it now and only announce it for the Korean market.
  14. nayr14

    Which driving pattern is best? Over charge or Supercharging every day?

    Very true. While I wouldn't tell OP to find a new job or move, it's important to actualize how much time you spend commuting. Assuming OP spends 3hr a day driving (avg speed 60MPH), that's 756 hours a year, assuming 252 working days. If I were to equate the hours driving to vacation (1 day =...

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