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  1. Odiemac

    CA residents: AB 1139 discussion

    I mean, this totally IS a Tesla Energy topic. Annoying that it keeps getting moved to a different forum. Net Metering and battery storage and Tesla’s largest market for solar is all much more relevant to Tesla Energy forum than Political Smackdown forum.
  2. Odiemac

    CA residents: AB 1139 discussion

    It seems like they’re sticking with this “Grid Services Charge” of roughly $10 per installed KW of roof solar, so in our case we’d be paying $130 for, uh, having solar? With powerwalls, we don’t really need NEM to make the economics work. Will PG&E let you cancel NEM and receive NO compensation...
  3. Odiemac

    California Utilities Plan All Out War On Solar, Please Read And Help

    I've sent a few emails off to my government representatives on this proposed NEM 3.0. My main point to them was that these proposed changes would seriously degrade electrification's competitiveness with gas powered things (cars, heating, appliances, etc). If they really want to have an equitable...
  4. Odiemac

    PG&E and other CA utilities looking to 10X solar energy rates?

    That’s true, but I only see a handful of comments at: CPUC Proceeding Information::: Heres my comment:
  5. Odiemac

    PG&E and other CA utilities looking to 10X solar energy rates?

    Hi al, I just noticed that the CPUC is taking proposals and comments for NEM 3.0 here in CA. This would establish new billing and net metering starting in 2022/2023. https://www.cpuc.ca.gov/nemrevisit/ Reading through the Utility proposal slides, it appears they want to completely gut Net...
  6. Odiemac

    Powerwall Manager SmartApp for SmartThings

    It looks like my Powerwalls updated themselves and now my beloved Darwin’s Den SmartApp doesn’t want to stay logged in anymore. Did Tesla change something on the auth side, I wonder?
  7. Odiemac

    Powerwall 2 Vampire Drain

    20 watts per hour is basically nothing. My desktop computer when the power is OFF uses 10 watts. A typical home draws 200w-300w just in random vampire drain. A big battery with powerful inverters and liquid cooling drawing 20W at idle is actually a minor miracle!
  8. Odiemac


    Correct :)
  9. Odiemac


    Agreed that site is super *cool* :) I think Tesla is slightly mistaken if they think that power density doesn't matter, though. We have two electric cars and have just swapped over to a heat pump for heating. 20kWh per year out of 13.3kw of panels is just barely going to cover that usage, and...
  10. Odiemac

    Solar Roof layout

    How’s the net metering rules where you live? I agree with @Ampster, it’s a lot easier to over-panel at first then to add later. 5kw looks like it would cover about 50% of your pre-Cybertruck usage, so maybe only 30% with the Cybertruck. I concur about 2 powerwalls and more solar if you need to...
  11. Odiemac

    Solarglass powerwalls not for me

    Well, that 2100 map is 2C average rise, we're at 1.2C already and accelerating (5mm sea rise a year, used to be 3mm 5 years ago). So its unclear when we'll get to 2C, but it could be well before 2100. Also, the average level isn't what you're worried about, but rather the top of a king tide...
  12. Odiemac

    Solarglass powerwalls not for me

    If I lived on the Florida coast I wouldn't be as worried about whether my roof would be "in fashion" in 30 years. Maybe I would be more concerned about the lack of a true waterproof rating on the Powerwalls.
  13. Odiemac

    Solarglass powerwalls not for me

    More like "a place that is almost completely fossil fuel powered, and will have significant parts of it underwater soon" o_O
  14. Odiemac

    Solarglass Roof - V3 - any customers?

    If you're not going to be in your house for a while, don't have anxiety over increasing rates and possible shutoffs, and only look at the payback time, I don't think you should necessarily spring for it. Better to have the Cybertruck :)
  15. Odiemac

    Solarglass Roof - V3 - any customers?

    This is obviously a very personal decision, but lemme make a couple points in favor of solar/powerwalls for a minute: If you drive 25K miles/year for 12 cents a kWh in a Model 3, that's about $750/yr in "gas cost". So not too bad at all. However, its quite possible that cost will go up in the...

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