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    Tioga Pass - Model S 85 -- Is it doable??

    Just did the Groveland to Mammoth Lakes run in my 2012 P85 via Hwy 120, burned 162 “rated” miles over the 119 mile geographic distance, corresponding to a bit more than the 7 additional rated miles expended/1000 ft elevation gain, 4 miles regained from downhill regen/1000 ft rule of thumb. Like...
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    Lower watt-hour/mile (or km) over time for old Model S cars?

    Hello, Has the overall watt-hour/mile (or km) figure for old Model S cars decreased over time (since 2012) due to Tesla software updates aimed at improving driving energy efficiency? If the efficiency improved, what is the consensus of TMC owners of old Model S cars as to how much? Might Elon...
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    Shareholder Date of Record for Sept. 22 shareholder meeting?

    I looked at the latest Tesla SEC filings, but saw no date announced by Tesla that refers to the effective date of Tesla share ownership for purposes of being granted admission specifically to the Sept. 22 shareholder meeting. Has this effective date been announced? If not, could it still be...
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    Politics - Quarantine Thread

    Imagine being a fly on the wall during Tesla’s next board of directors’ meeting. Oliver Barrett
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    Musk Asks About A Texas Gigafactory: Is It For You, Cybertruck?

    I wish. The NM bill died in committee. Oliver Barrett
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    MCU Hardware Revisons

    @Ingineer, Might you know whether an MCU1 can be physically upgraded to MCU2 in a 2013 Model S (irrespective of cost), apparently also requires a wiring harness change? Thank you very much! Oliver Barrett
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    Tesla infotainment system upgradeable from MCU1 to MCU2

    Thanks all for the helpful info! No serious problems with my MCU yet, but I’m having a capacity remaining diagnostic done on my eMMC during my upcoming service center visit so I can keep an eye on it. Oliver Barrett
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    Tesla infotainment system upgradeable from MCU1 to MCU2

    I apologize if this question has already been answered in some previous post. Has there been any authoritative answer from either a) upper Tesla engineering management or b) knowledgeable 3rd party Tesla tinkerers such as Jason Hughes (wk057), to my question as follows: Is it physically...
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    Rolo Finally Get's a Tesla!

    Congrats! Oliver Barrett
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    Preventive eMMC replacement on MCU1

    Thanks! Oliver
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    Preventive eMMC replacement on MCU1

    Hmm.. so a service center can look at the eMMC in my car and tell me how much capacity is left in it? Good to know if true. Thanks! Oliver Barrett
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    Tesla, TSLA & the Investment World: the Perpetual Investors' Roundtable

    Plenty of folks with neck and lower back limitations. Oliver Barrett
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    Warning: Deep Pothole at Tejon Ranch Supercharger Exit

    Is there any recourse from the state for wheel or vehicle damage in cases like these? Oliver Barrett
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    EV2-A Plan bill (CA)

    Grandfathering only available to current EV-A customers with solar? Oliver Barrett
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    Subwoofers anyone?!

    Be very cautious about connecting the amp 12V lead directly to the Tesla battery. If the Tesla 12V charging circuitry doesn’t “see” the amp current draw, the battery won’t be charged properly and will need premature replacement, resulting in the “12V battery requires service” message. I just...

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