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    2017 model X HW3 and MCU2 upgrade

    Same. I have a 12/2016 model x with EAP and for $2500 I got mcu2 and hw3/fsd computer. I thought this was confirmed by others on the forums, as without hw3 I was not willing to upgrade mcu1 (mine was dying with all the typical symptoms) to mcu2 for $2500. Actually I came to this forum to see if...
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    MCU Failure Poll

    paid the $2500 for mine 3 months ago because my mcu1 was dying with all the classic symptoms. And then this is classic Tesla, lowering the price right after I do it. Hope they eventually refund those who paid for the upgrade...
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    NEMA 14 - 50 or Wall charger

    We have 2 nema 14-50 outlets, one on each side of garage. I went with this because for home use it's plenty fast and more versatile for the future. Works great, haven't myself really figured out any other benefits of wall charger other than looks and slightly faster charge speed.
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    Will my Teslaoffer frunk device invalid any warranty? Need my 12v replaced soon

    $280 for X, had mine replaced about a month ago. I have 6 months left in original warranty so I think it was covered.
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    MCU/FSD Upgrade, 12V Battery Dying Repeatedly in 2017 Model X

    Just wanted to mention that I have not yet upgraded mine (scheduling it for 2 weeks) but I've only recently been seeing the "waking up" message on my 2016 X w ap2, mcu1 which I was attributing to my mcu dying... So maybe another change Tesla made?
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    Windshield washer fluid?

    Just in case you made same mistake I did, the windshield fluid button has 2 detents: first push is just the wipers, push it past that first push to get fluid out. I thought mine was delivered without fluid too but turned out I didn't push it far enough. ((At least this is true with 2016 X)
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    Ear pain/Pressure help

    Also maybe see if it happens in a different Y? Like maybe you could test drive one just to see if it's that specific car, especially since happening to 3 of you and hasn't happened to you in a 3 or S. Maybe it is some sort of weird noise the car is making. I get a weird pressure sensation in...
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    Is it unusual to have no filter at all?

    As posted above, that's where's the hepa filter goes and was empty in standard car configs until PUP became standard. I had the same thing, purchased hepa filter from Tesla directly 2 years ago. Just undo about 12 bolts, it pops right out, put in a new one (ifOif you buy it from Tesla it comes...
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    My new (to me) MX is home!

    It used to cost $4500. They unlocked it due to wildfire in my area almost a year ago though, and have not re-locked it since..... Shhhhhh....
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    Price drop

    I bought EAP after delivery on my 3 a few years ago, sales tax was charged back then...
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    My new (to me) MX is home!

    Congrats! I still have a 2016 60d with AP2, it's been great!
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    Model Y vs X

    Also have a 3 and X. Other consideration is size. Do you need size of a mid-sized SUV or is compact suv enough? Fit and finish of 3 is definitely tighter than our older X. I was about to trade in X for Y but after seeing reviews on the size differences, decided to keep the X for now since we...
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    Take my 17MX today, question on Sentry mode

    I have an mcu1/AP2 model X. The sentry mode still monitors and displays it's recording, but it is not actually recording. I think it can activate, for example if someone enters your car, but it doesn't record. I believe it can alert you in the app though if it goes off. Also it activates...
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    Model X: Insurance

    Hats off to you! I thought I had decent insurance rates with home/auto on Progressive also but yours is half my cost!
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    Model X: Insurance

    Odyssey is definitely the more practical car if you are trying to comfortably carry a lot of people. The sliding doors are also much more practical than the falcon wing doors. However, the Model X is also practical for carrying people. The FWD are very useful, especially for buckling kids in...

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