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12 volt

  1. A

    Model 3 Ambient Lighting Wiring Question

    Hey all, I'm installing a ambient lighting kit on my 2020 M3 Long Range. Everything has gone well except for the last part which is connecting the controller box to power, the kit came with this 12 pin connector but I cannot seem to find out where it connects in the car. Install guide says under...
  2. C

    12volt Battery Alert

    I have a ‘17 Model S 100D and just got an alert to schedule service to have the 12 volt battery replaced. Any idea what kind of timeframe I have before it’s shot? I will replace it myself. TIA
  3. RossRAllen

    12 volt accessory outlet

    In addition to the 12V outlet in the console in MX, there's another in the right cubbyhole in the trunk. This isn't mentioned anywhere I could find it in the user manual. Some people don't seem to be aware of it.
  4. H

    For DIYers: adding distilled water to dead OEM 12v batteries

    Some OEM lead acid auxiliary batteries on older Teslas seem to completely rejuvenate with the addition of distilled water -- the same as with many lead acid batteries. I first learned this with my previous car -- a 2004 Prius -- which had a very user-serviceable auxiliary battery. I was about...
  5. H

    Model 3 12v Battery issues, monitoring, Aftermarket replacement

    I didn’t see this service bulletin. Took my car to service at Tesla Dedham Ma. They replaced my 12 volt battery at 1700 miles on my 3. I’m curious as to what the issue was with the original battery. They didn’t replace it with a lithium ion battery. I was hoping. Anyone else seen this. Thanks.
  6. S

    Is there a 12V battery malfunction common denominator?

    I’m scheduled to pick up my Model 3 LR next week Sunday, Sep13th. In the 8 weeks of waiting, I’ve been trying to learn all I can from everyone’s experiences in hopes to develop good habits from the get go. One thing I was curious for those who have had their Model 3 for at least a year or two...
  7. X

    Electrical Wiring On A Long Range Model 3

    I was thinking of purchasing this plate hider for use at local car show: Electric Hide-Away License Plate Frame Kit According to the installation instructions, One must: Connect the red wire to a good 12V source; Connect the orange wire to a switched ignition 12V source; and Connect the green...
  8. Briar_Reed

    Unable to use 12V Tesla Tire Repair compressor with USB connected TapTes Dual Qi wireless charger

    Unable to use 12V Tesla Tire Repair compressor with USB connected TapTes Dual Qi wireless phone charger. I recently attempted to “top off” tire inflation using the air compressor from the Tesla Tire Repair Kit, which was connected to the 12V outlet in the center console. After about 90 seconds...
  9. essmd

    Help - OBD-II port power failure

    I plugged in an apparently faulty phone charger using the OBD-II port 12 volt power, and now there is no power from that port anymore, despite thorough testing. I presume there is a fuse for this, or possibly a reset to restore. Anybody have a fix??? Tesla Tech support not able to provide...