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  1. MrNik

    Zappi or Hypervolt for a solar home system ?

    I know for a long time, Zappi had been the best charging point for integrating with a solar powered house. But now with other good CPs in the market, is Zappi still the top choice in terms of features, solar integration etc ? I'm deciding between Zappi and Hypervolt ... Does Hypervolt provide...
  2. J

    Listing your Tesla HPWC on Plugshare

    First off, new here, not sure if I should be posting elsewhere, if I should, apologies. I'm curious, has anyone listed their Tesla or any other branded Wall Charger on Plugshare or similar app more for emergencies and someone needs a top-up? If so, how have you found the experience? What rules...
  3. maggit13

    Mobile Connector vs. Wall Connector for Outdoors

    Sorry if this is repeated but I couldn't find anything. I'm waiting on delivery of a MYLR. My house does not have a garage and I've already installed a weatherproof 14-50 outlet that I planned on using the mobile connector with (and tested it this past weekend very successfully! no fires or...
  4. D

    fantasy charging system

    Someday I'd like to have solar panels; I'll have to move to a different house (not least so that I can have a driveway, for the charging component of this scenario). I gather that solar goes well with a big battery for the house. But that's expensive, in part because the battery doesn't last...
  5. T

    Model 3 salvage rebuild. The HV stopped working after failed software update. I have a 2021 model 3 RWD.

    I purchased a 2021 model 3 with front damage. I replaced the Pyro fuse, SRS computer, seat belts and airbags. The radiator and shroud and many other parts. Last weekend I had everything working. How ever it stopped work soon after a software update try to install. It said it was unable to...
  6. MrNik

    Recommended EV chargers in UK ?

    Hi mates, I’m scheduled to buy a Tesla in the coming months. I live in the UK (Newcastle) and wanted to know what most of you Tesla owners are using for your chargers. Do you have any suggestions as to which is better in terms of cost, reliability, custom service etc & how I can get started...
  7. A

    2014 Tesla Model S charge port failed

    Hey I need some advice... it was a decent 70 degree morning that had rained. car is soaked and plugged in. the car also works perfectly fine, holds charger drives lovely etc. I was in a rush to get out the door as quickly as I could. I went by the car and it auto unlocked and just before the...
  8. S

    Charge station not powered - Supercharger, Tesla wall connector or Tesla mobile connector

    I have had my MS for about 4 years. Running the FSD beta currently. Had something very weird happen this week. Stopped with 15% remaining charge at a supercharger in Lincoln NH. Other Teslas were happily charging but not me. Tried 5 different stalls and got the solid blue light in the charging...
  9. V

    Help Charging at my Apartment Complex

    Hello All, Currently for the past few months I moved into my apartment complex and they already had pre installed Siemens Versicharge Stations in their garage however anytime I would regularly charge it will just work at times or just cuts off completely needing for Maintenance to reset the...
  10. P

    Charging at Tesla at a Rivian charging station

    It is possible to charge a Tesla at a Rivian charging station. The Rivian charging station in Salida, CO had a sign on it to indicate it was 'open to all electric vehicles'. Charging here gives me a max of 40mph, charging at 240v using the J1772 adapter. It is also free to use at this moment in...
  11. aricsautos

    First Tesla pick-up, road trip concerns

    Good Evening all! I am flying out to pick up a 2018 M3P Saturday morning from a private seller just outside of NYC. It’s about 650 miles to my home back in Michigan. I am extremely excited and somewhat anxious. I want to make sure that I’m prepared for everything that comes my way. This will...
  12. KingOfMexico

    Charging for terraced houses

    Around a quarter of us living in the UK live in terraced houses and with the government's 2030 ban on the sale of ICE cars fast approaching, they are going to need to step up the roll out of proper charging infrastructure / solutions for those of us without access to off-street parking. I...
  13. E

    Gen1 Tesla Wall Charger Plug End Broke Off - Recommendations?

    I have a Gen1 80A wall charger that I have been using daily with my 2016 Model X. The end of the plug started cracking several months ago and I taped it with some heavy-duty duct tape that worked pretty well at keeping it from actually breaking off - until today. This end-piece (see photos) came...
  14. B

    Tesla-ing in Italy

    I am planning to use superchargers to travel to Italy. The main difficulty resides in the fact that I will be travelling in the South of Italy I have 2 questions: - what is the best solution as a backup to using superchargers or in the absence of superchargers nearby? A charging point company...
  15. M

    Tesla Charging Maintenance

    I wanted to share a recent experience while charging yesterday at the Supercharger in Fairfield (Marriott Hotel). I plugged my car in and began charging. Halfway through charging, I received a message that power had been interrupted. The plug light turned red and power was no longer...
  16. J

    Switching From Cable to Wireless EV Charging?

    I had a thought today. What happens to all the charges around the country when wireless charging comes to the forefront within the next two years? It will be great news to be converted to wireless because charging stations will become just like the old phone booths of the past, with 1 in 10...
  17. W

    Changing my order before VIN assigned

    Hey everybody, I originally ordered the M3LR on 5/10. I had a change of heart yesterday and decided to change my order to the M3P. I talked to my SA and they told me that switching to the M3P would bump my delivery time up. I looked on Tesla's website and the delivery time for the M3P was...
  18. D

    Best charging practice/set up for a Roadster (1.5 in North America in specifically)

    I am in New York and have a 1.5 that is garaged and rarely driven. My charging objective is to do what is best to extend the life of its battery and the PEM. I presently have the early mobile connector (yellow cable with GFCI like plug) and the earlier (not the Clipper Creek) HPWC for the...
  19. gnuarm

    Scheduled Charging

    I'm trying to use the scheduled departure through the app and it doesn't work. It appears simple, I set the time, 6:30 AM and click OK. The charge level is high enough it should start charging immediately. It doesn't start charging and if I go back into scheduled departure the set time has...
  20. oggunderscore

    Sealed Tesla CCS Combo 1 Adapter (Official OEM)

    This official adapter will allow you to charge on Electrify America, EVGo, and other chargers that have CCS Combo capabilities. This comes super useful on roadtrips where Supercharger stations are packed and loaded, and you can go to one of the standard DC Fast chargers and charge there quickly...
  21. M

    5700 Mile Model Y Road Trip noob style

    Sorry for the long post, I wanted to share our road trip experience as a positive example for other electric noobs like me. I have had a 2022 MYP since November 2021 and have over 13k miles on it so far. I started in Sacramento early Saturday morning at 90 percent and drove to Salt Lake City...
  22. A

    Distributed Charge - EV: How It Works

  23. N

    Working with my HOA to get L2 charging installed... advice on how to make it as cost-efficient as possible?

    Hi All -- I am working closely with my condo's HOA to get two L2 charging stations installed at our property. The Board is going to be very cost-sensitive, and I really want to make sure this project can be approved. I've been looking at a few options, and so far the two that seem the best...
  24. J

    Wall Connector pin broke off

    I went to go supercharge the other day and noticed a piece of plastic in my charge port. I was able to just slip it out easily and once I got home, noticed that it came from my wall connector. Should I be concerned or is this piece just insignificant? Seems like it’s just to help you line...
  25. S

    Plan for Connecting Wall Charger 100+ Feet Away and Future Proofing Setup?

    Hi, I'm trying to figure out the best plan for running power to my wall connector. I live in SoCal. My electrician is coming next week, but I want to have a jump-start and possibly start buying materials ahead of time. My box is a 100 amp panel and only has one more space for a 50 amp double...
  26. LN’sY

    Thoughts on optiwat

    I can charge my MY at work for free -one of the perks of my job😊 However I also work from home, and use the 120v cord that came with the car. I’d like to hear from people who use or have used optiwatt to keep their electric bill down How simple is it to install and to use? Is it worth it?
  27. T

    Charging Question

    OK, so when I'm charging (refreshed Model S LR) it pulls 30amps at 200volts. If I'm at 10% SoC it will charge to 20% in about an hour. If I'm at 80% it will charge to 90% in about two hours. My question is, is it more expensive to charge my car when it has a full charge (since it takes so much...
  28. E

    Potential New Owner Charging Question

    I'm looking at diving into a Model S. Here's the two questions question (problem ?). I spend about 1/2 my time at a small condo. I have one-car a garage, but it's full of toys. The spot in front of the garage door is reserved for me. Can I put a wall connector outside of the garage and, if...
  29. C

    Model 3 Charging ampere issue

    Hi All, I recently purchased a rwd m3. I have noticed that my charging in the app is stuck at 16A. Even when I plug into the supercharger it stays at 16A. I cannot change to 32A. No error messages showing in the car. Can someone please guide me. Do i need to book it in for servicing.
  30. I

    Car charged at higher amps than set. Blew out my fuse box

    I awoke to a fully charged Tesla 3, but no power in half the house. This house was built in 1963 and probably still has the original electrical panel with screw-in fuses and four cartridge fuses - 60 amps. Two of the 60 amp fuses blew and melted/burned some of the panel. It has to be replaced...
  31. S

    Hyundai EV Park car wash and charging

    Came across this article. Hyundai created charging stations with a self-service car wash/detailing bay. Looks interesting and for sure I will give it a go if available in my region. What is a better way than taking care of your car if you are waiting for charging, right? Promo video I remember...
  32. WhtLighting21

    San Diego to Las Vegas

    Newbie here, so please be gentle... I have the long range Model Y. I am super excited to be taking my first road trip! We will be leaving from San Diego and driving to Las Vegas in a couple of weeks. I've had my White Lighting since December, 2021 and still have charge anxiety. Only...
  33. M

    Please Help... Tesla Model S: Maximum battery charge level reduced (cannot get past 20 miles)

    This is kind of long, but I am trying to add every detail - any sort of help would really be greatly appreciated. I was coming back home with my family from a semi-long road trip on my 2013 Tesla Model S 85 that I've owned for about 6 months without any sort of mechanical or range issues. We...
  34. B

    Charging costs UK

    New Model Y owner here, so hoping other UK Tesla owners can assist. It is great that the Tesla can be modified for your ien charging costs but our car believes it lives in the US. The software does not recognise anywhere outside of US and Canada. (It also gives us the spotify agreement in...
  35. G

    2017 Model S 100D battery behavior after charge

    June 2017 Model S 100D. Bought new June 2017. Now 54,785 miles. I generally keep the charge between 50 and 70% unless on a road trip… then 90%. Every 3 months or so, I charge to 100% and drive a long distance right away. Supercharger for about 60% of the time, rest using dryer outlet to get...
  36. P

    Panel full. Please help!

    Hello everyone! I am looking to join the Tesla family but want to get the plug installed before making the purchase. My panel is currently full. I do have 10 gauge wire running into my garage but it’s not currently connected. From what I understand I can install a NEMA 14-30 with that current...
  37. U

    Real World 5-15 Charging Speeds

    I'm currently charging my 2022 Model 3 RWD with a regular 110v 12a NEMA 5-15 outlet. I get 8km/hr (5miles/hr), which is much more than what Tesla advertises on their website (they say 4.8km/hr). I live in a townhouse and I had an electrician take a look at my panel - he said it looks pretty...
  38. F

    Apartment charging / metering question

    Hello fellow owners. I recently purchased a M3P and my condo does not have charging solutions currently, but are looking to install 2 chargers in our valet area downstairs. The manager floated the idea of a chargepoint charger, which I am strongly against. The other idea was a 240v plug and...
  39. N

    Preferred fast-food franchise next to Tesla supercharging station

    My dear fellow Tesla owners, which Fast-food franchise do you guys usually prefer next to a Supercharger station while charging your car. If not food, where else would you like to spend ~30-45 minutes while charging? Appreciate all the inputs.
  40. J

    EV chargers in Sydney increasing??

    Good morning all, Hope this post is not to long and i can seek some good clarification. With the new partnerships such as Evie - AMPOL / HUNGRY JACKS and the NSW incentives - how soon do you think we will start seeing the big roll out of fast chargers? I regularly check most apps - chargefox...
  41. D

    Trading in car in 2 days…Mobile Connector won’t fully plug-in to Model 3

    Anyone run into this before? Having an issue where my mobile charger won’t fully plug into my Model 3’s port. Charger only seems to go about half way in and not far enough for car to recognize it. I’ve unplugged and re-plugged the mobile connector to its 240v outlet, and the Tesla lights on...
  42. Z

    Inaccessible charging stations in Tesla navigation

    Twice I have planned a stop at a non-tesla charging station using Tesla navigation in my Y only to find it is in a private apartment or office building with a gate. It would be nice to know that in advance....
  43. R

    Charging Speeds @ Home

    Hi all, picked up my M3LR yesterday from Manchester. Absolutely in love, everything is perfect with the car. Includes Ryzen, Heated Wipers, Li-On battery etc. One thing I wanted to know was everyone's charge speeds (Amps, volts, charge miles per hour etc). I've only charged it the once since the...
  44. gnuarm

    Transformer Upgrade Required?

    A neighbor is installing two EVSE and has upgraded his service from the power company. I'm having a hard time understanding why that would be. I'm sure his service is 200 amps (all these houses were built about the same time and my smaller house is on 200 amps). The closer neighbor who told...
  45. T

    Model s still on 2020 software

    I currently have a 2015 model S70D and I am still running on 2020 versions of their software. I have the autopilot 1 computer and I am running 2020.48.37.8. the car says I am fully up to date. Is there a way I can get this updated? I mostly want an updated version to support the charging stats...
  46. Q

    Cannot set charge limit in v11 (Legacy Model S/X)

    Although this "feature" of no longer being able to set the charge limit from the charging screen is being discussed in another thread, No charging options in v11 (Legacy Model S/X), it may mainly affect legacy Model S and deserves some recognition in the Model S forum. Currently with v11...
  47. G

    Supercharging slow since V11 update

    I have noticed since the V11 update even when navigating to a charger (with twenty minutes of lead time to condition) that supercharging has been abysmally slow and I am only getting 27kw/115 miles an hour. What gives? This is even way before the battery is close to fully charged. Did...
  48. C

    [tesla rookie] tesla owners as jerks?! parking w/o charging?!?!?!

    rookie model x owner wanted to charge while eating a quick breakfast, ... two charging stalls available right in front of nice, popular breakfast restaurant. both parking stalls filled by a tesla. one with charging cable plugged (either charging or paying cost for idle) and second is parked...
  49. A

    Tesla Model 3 SR+: 14-day West Coast road trip with 4 people

    I am planning a road trip for 14 days with my family (4 people total) and a lot of luggage Dec 18th onwards. Bay Area -> Yosemite -> Bakersfield -> Vegas -> Zion -> Grand Canyon (Page, AZ) -> Flagstaff, AZ -> Joshua Tree -> LA -> Bay Area My primary concerns are charging, driving in cold/snow...
  50. d3lerium

    Charging - South Coast (NSW)

    Hey fellow drivers! Heading to Mollymook via Batemans Bay, from Canberra this weekend. Whilst I won't need a charge there, I will need one on the return trip. What are the charging options like around Batemans Bay, anyone done a trip down recently? Cheers

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