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  1. theflyer

    Supercharger - Blaine, MN

    Cub Foods 585 Northtown Dr NE Blaine, MN 55434 Finally, something North of the river near Highway 10.
  2. S

    New SC installation Exeter

    Great to see a large number of charges being installed at Exeter Services, J30 on M5! Now Cornwall road trips are a lot easier with these being here!
  3. M

    Where is the best place to find out when new superchargers are opening in my area?

    Where is the best place to find out when new superchargers are opening in my area? We just purchased a 2014 model S p90d and are waiting for our home charger.
  4. theflyer

    Supercharger - Rotterdam, NY

    Another find by Marco. 8 stalls are planned in the future Stewart's Shops parking lot at 647 Mariaville Rd., Rotterdam, NY cc @corywright @Big Earl @Chuq
  5. C

    ICE vs Supercharger comparison table

    Not sure if a tool like this exists elsewhere. I didnt do too much searching. I made this for personal use, but posting here in case it helps others. My situation. I have a Model Y and a PHEV. I can get 40Mpg on PHEV. I wanted to see at what Supercharger rates it would be more efficient to take...
  6. Tshaffertodd

    Kansas is full

    Kansas is full. Working our way back from Colorado to Missouri and after the new addition at limit every other supercharger had a line to wait. 3/6 not working in Hays today. Had to charge for 2 hours at destination charger at local comfort in- thankyou, otherwise the line was more than 8 cars...
  7. J

    Supercharger - Beavercreek, OH

    Permit found for a Supercharger at the Meijer on Colonel Glenn in Beavercreek, Ohio
  8. VinayRaju21

    Los Angeles --> Atlanta ('18 Model3 LR)

    Hey Everyone, I am moving to ATL, and I would like to drive (vs ship) out there with my Model3. Have been doing some preliminary research on the Tesla planner, and ABRP. Looks like it is doable, but my main question is the locations I need to get a hotel at. I assume I would need to stay...
  9. K

    Wiki UK Superchargers - What3Words

    Hi All, I am hoping to take advantage of the geographic spread and collective knowledge of this forum if i may please. I am trying to compile a list of What3Words locations of Tesla Superchargers, I did a search of the forums to see if something already existed but my search did not bring...
  10. Vancity-Tes1a

    Supercharger - South Surrey, BC

    Okay looks like it finally started! 😄 I know we have all been waiting for this one. I can't wait for us to have a Flamethrower ribbon cutting ceremony! I posted on Twitter: This site should be done by end of November, next up to Tesla & BC Hydro when to turn on.
  11. Joshan

    Worst Super Charger in USA?

    After my recent road trip, I have to say Chattanooga. Pulled up with 9 miles remaining, on Christmas day in the middle of the night. There was not a single person around and the gate was down to the parking area and not opening or giving tickets. There was ZERO chance I was making any other...
  12. RTPEV

    Supercharger - Cary, NC

    An alert NC Tesla Facebook user noticed some new construction at Parkside Commons in Cary, and I looked up Cary's building permits, and lo and behold, permit # 19-7367 for TESLA ELECTRIC VEHICLE CHARGING STATIONS was recently issued: Here is a map of the area. I haven't yet witnessed the...
  13. J

    List of Unique Supercharging Stations?

    We are moving from NJ to CA next month and driving our Model 3 out there.... with 3 kids (i know- crazy!). In addition to mapping out our route on ABetterRoutePlanner - I was trying to find a list of unique Superchargers, or ones with amazing views/nature trails/etc nearby. Anyone know if...
  14. TessieEddie

    Supercharger power set by whether or not you have a destination set

    Just completed a 600 mile trip from FL to NC. There are now 10 Tesla Superchargers along our I75/I85 route. When I plug in our destination, the nav system selects SCs that I don't want to use: First stop at the limit of range that would require slowing down to reach. Second stop in downtown...
  15. UncaNed

    Charging map showing directions for trip planning?

    I'm planning a trip that includes minor roads, but google maps doesn't show charging stations; where can I find a website like google maps that shows me the charging stations so I can plan my route without having to leave the office and use my Tesla navigation system?
  16. I

    Bristol Teslaland

    There are probably my other places too. However, today I went to Cribbs Causeway and all the bays were occupied. Drove to Gordano services and there was one other. 20 mins later 7/8 in use. Seems every other car is a Tesla!
  17. Eevee

    Your Best Tesla Road Trip Advice?

    A month and a half ago I bought a used Model S. Over the holidays I flew to visit my sister. While I was there I got a bit frustrated with my ICE rental car and thought, "Why didn't I just drive instead of fly?" So now I'm thinking about what road trips I want to take with my Tesla. My normal...
  18. S

    Byton hopes to use Tesla Superchargers

    The Chinese startup car, Byton, that just previewed at CES hopes to be able to use Tesla's Supercharger network, saying they "expect Tesla would be happy - or be forced - to share its Super Charger stations." Maybe China would force them to? Anyway here's a BBC article on the Byton. Near the end...
  19. I

    Supercharger - Thousand Oaks, CA - East Thousand Oaks Blvd (re-opened May 2021)

    Last night while at the Promenade in Thousand Oaks I noticed they had used barricade fencing to section off the parking lot which appears to be where the SPs will be located. Same type of fencing as the Commons in Calabasas. Both centers are owned by Caruso.
  20. HarborX

    Anyone wondering about the "Coming Soon" Supercharger Stations in Florida?

    Looks like they finally may be putting one in the Pinellas County and a couple on the East coast of Florida. Moderator's Note: I've changed the title to "Coming Soon" Superchargers to reflect a recent update by Tesla of the Find Us map that shows upcoming locations. On this thread we will...