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ac not working

  1. S

    No cold Air

    Haven't needed to use the AC till today getting in the upper 70s here. Tried to run it went all the way to LO and zero cold air. I just took delivery Saturday. Anyone else have this happen or know of a possible solution?
  2. S

    Beware Car Washes!!

    Hey guys! I have had the same issue twice and I think it’s worth sharing: Twice after using a standard brush car wash, my Tesla Model X’s fan broke down. It was immediately after the car wash, noticeable as soon as you turn the air on in the car and it blows out hot. The first time I...
  3. jamaro

    Can't update SW?

    Hiya all My one-month old Model 3 LR suddenly decided to stop offering up AC on its first roadtrip. This was suboptimal given that it was 105°F out and it was a few hundred miles back to home in what is now a mobile greenhouse. TSLA Roadside assistance had me go through a few reboots...
  4. S

    AC blowing very hot air and loud noises

    Hey guys! First time posting. I have a 2019 Model X a few weeks ago and I love it! However yesterday I noticed the car’s AC wasn’t working correctly, it was only getting cold once it got to 45 mph or highway driving. Thought could be a software glitch so I reset with the steering wheel and...
  5. Congo Line

    Hvac Cold Air Delay

    My wife's 2016 MX 90D has strange AC behavior lately. It puts out lukewarm air for anywhere from 4 to 15 minutes at the beginning of a drive, then something changes and it finally puts out cold air. Doesn't help to turn fan up to '11', nor does it help to put temp down to 'LO'. I took it in...
  6. G

    Model 3 AC Completely Dead 400 miles from home.

    Grrrrr. I’ve spent the past 2 days of what was supposed to be a fun road trip without AC. I went to in plug it yesterday from. 120v charge at my in laws and the AC cut out. No air - Nothing. After a few hours of sitting and cycling(2 button restart and power off) it can on only to cut out again...
  7. T

    New Model 3 AC not working

    I picked up my new AWD Long range battery Model 3 on Tuesday. I love it. On Thursday I took a trip. After 125 miles of driving I stopped for lunch. After lunch the AC would not come on. No fan or air of any kind. Called Tesla and they rebooted the system but that did not help. They told...
  8. M

    Strange AC issue: software root cause?

    Over the weekend we had very high temperatures in NYC, upper 90s. While driving the AC in my X seemed to die. Only hot air blowing from the vents, no matter what the temperature setting (I had plenty of charge and Range Mode was off). On my way home it was hitting 110 degrees in the cabin. I...
  9. D

    Bugged with wind noise and cold air while Tesla HR stood me up

    I have been annoyed since day one by the wind noise. I have became a little bit paranoid whenever I drive on highway. For this particular reason, My car has stayed in the tesla service center for over 30 days. This even affects my power consumption and comfortness. After I drove 30 mins on...