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  1. K

    2022 M3 “Salvage”

    I bought a 2022 M3 from an auction. Title is not salvage but Tesla has salvaged in their system. No warranty. Very little body damage. Tesla won’t tell me anything else except that I need to replace the battery. $14000. When I first got the car, I was able to open the frunk with the 12v...
  2. K

    2022 Model X FOR SALE in Atlanta, GA white/white 5 seater with 22” rims 1,300 miles.

    $135k. Located in Smyrna, GA. Has new yoke steering wheel, swivel screen No blemishes, garage kept. No pets, non smoker. No wrecks, clean carfax White/White 5 seater, walnut, 20” black rims. Auto trader ad here.
  3. VinayRaju21

    Los Angeles --> Atlanta ('18 Model3 LR)

    Hey Everyone, I am moving to ATL, and I would like to drive (vs ship) out there with my Model3. Have been doing some preliminary research on the Tesla planner, and ABRP. Looks like it is doable, but my main question is the locations I need to get a hotel at. I assume I would need to stay...
  4. P

    Tesla Model X prep work

    I am getting ready to receive my Model X next month. Wanted to do some pre ground work and be ready for my delivery. As part of this I ordered a few things and have a few questions, any suggestions would really help. Bought - All weather mats, cable organizer, Gen 2 Nema adapter. Any other...
  5. L

    2019 Tesla Model 3 Long Range RWD, FSD, White Interior, 19” Sport, Full PPF, Full Tint, New Battery + Drive Unit

    2019 Model 3 RWD for sale! This was the longest range config offered at the time - 325 miles of range! I have babied this car its entire life. Current mileage 67,410. Asking $40,000. Upgrades: - White Interior - 19” Sport Wheels - Full Self Driving with HW 3.0 - Performance Pedals - Console...
  6. EV Family

    Model X crash + an Inside Look at how Tesla’s Approved Body Shops Manage Repairs

    Recently was involved in a crash with our 2018 MX. We got a behind a scenes look of how Tesla’s approved body shops handle repairs, some of the common misconceptions about repair delays and also how you could avoid some of the headaches.
  7. S

    For Sale: 19" Matte Black Wheel and Tire Set

    Barely used and in excellent condition. 19" TST (Tsportline) wheels and Michelin Primacy tires. Fit a Tesla and other cars with a bolt pattern of 5x114.3. Tires have 10,869 miles and have a warranty of 45K miles. Have pictures and receipt attached. New the set costs ~$2,600. Priced to...
  8. suwaneedad

    FS: 18" Aero Wheels - OEM TPMS $900

    This wheel set was driven home at delivery and never used again. (Tires have been put on another Model 3 so are not part of this sale.) All four wheels are pristine. Local pickup only in the Atlanta metro area; I'm too lazy to figure out how to ship these and be confident they won't get damaged...
  9. A

    Model 3 19” Sport Wheels With Tires & TPMS Sensors For Sale - Used <400 Miles

    I am selling my 19” Sport wheels from my Model 3. I just received the car in December, and I replaced the wheels after about 370 miles. They are in perfect condition with no imperfections. The tires are basically brand new. Looking to sell for $2,300 + shipping cost to you. I don’t have pictures...
  10. D

    2016 Model S for sale self-driving and free super charging 17k miles $65K

    I just purchased my certified Model S direct from Tesla but am now being given a company car. This car is in absolute perfect condition. It is a unicorn in terms of its rarity as a used Tesla. This vehicle has the upgraded self driving capable software ($6,000) as well as free supercharging...
  11. D

    2016 Model S for sale self-driving and free super charging 17k miles $65K

    I just purchased my certified Model S direct from Tesla but am now being given a company car. This car is in absolute perfect condition. It is a unicorn in terms of its rarity as a used Tesla. This vehicle has the upgraded self driving capable software ($6,000) as well as free supercharging...
  12. Jean-Claude

    Vendor Simple Explanation (video): Model 3 Preparation, Enhancement and Protection

    I've been sitting on this video content since the first Model 3's were being delivered but I just didn't have the time to piece it together and do the voice over. Finally, I made the time to put a brief 13 minute video together explaining certain aspects of our process and also dispelling some...
  13. F

    Window Tinting in Atlanta

    Hey folks! Love this community and this is my first post. I’m considering getting a tinting job on my M3 SR+ but am concerned with quality places in Atlanta and don’t want to run into any issues given how sensitive the doors are in the M3. I’m not on Facebook, so would love any recommendations...
  14. E

    Parking lot damage/dent, seeking body shop experiences in Atlanta

    Hi folks, A sad day for me. I’d parked my car at a covered lot at my workplace and someone either drove or backed into my car while parked (and also left no note!). I just noticed it before I started for home and needless to say was distraught. Attached are a few pictures of the damage. For...
  15. ClarkJoeKent

    FOR SALE in GA: Model S accessories

    Hey Tesla GA fam, DM me if interested in any of the following Model S accessories. All are in great condition and prices are negotiable. Local pickup beats shipping! Note: a great meeting place is the Alpharetta-Roswell Service Center. • NEW (unused) 21" Arachnid silver wheel & tire set • Used...
  16. amerimark

    Fire & Brimstone Tavern Tesla Takeover (Alpharetta, GA)

    Come join us at Fire & Brimstone Tavern (Fire and Brimstone Tavern - Drinks, Entertainment, Food - Alpharetta) for an opportunity to personally meet with other fellow community members and admire what we all love—Tesla! Saturday, October 27, 2018 Start: 1:30 PM End time: ~3:30 PM NOTE 1. I...
  17. Vinoth

    Wanted to Sell my 2017 Tesla Model S 75

    Hi All, I wanted to sell my Tesla Model S 75 Red with only 4500 miles on it and in Mint Condition. No Auto Pilot but have premium interior with Air suspension. No vegan leather seat. Selling it due to personal reason. Looking for Atlanta Buyer. Sticker price $76200 I would take out $7500 off due...
  18. L

    After Market Audio near Atlanta?

    Hello fellow owners in the Southeastern U.S. I live in Atlanta and I think I will go looking for an after-market audio upgrade for my new Model X. If you have experience with this in or near Atlanta, I'd love to get your recommendations. Thanks, David
  19. E

    Electrician reference - Atlanta/greater Atlanta area

    Hi everyone, I'm a first time poster and would appreciate a local electrician reference for the greater Atlanta area (preferably a company that services the north western 'burbs - Smyrna/Marietta). I'm looking to get a NEMA 14-50 outlet installed in my garage. I estimate the install to be on...
  20. H

    2016/2017 Tesla Model X 75D 15,010 Miles - Message Me with Offers!

    Hello Everyone, I am parting ways with my 2016/2017 Tesla Model X 75D with 15,010 miles (Delivered 12/31/2016). This car is in excellent condition with low mileage and has been extremely well cared for. I have had no issues or defects with this car. I am the single owner. I'm looking to...
  21. Jean-Claude

    Vendor Silver Tesla Model X: TOO MUCH FUN [video]

    We had a ton of fun with this visit over the summer and finally got around to making a video that shows off some of the process of our full-monty service. I hope you all find it as enjoyable to watch as it was for us to do! Join us on our journey to take a new Tesla Model X 100D from being...
  22. nigelsilva

    Breakfast spots near Atlanta SC?

    Hey all, I'll be passing through Atlanta and charging up at the Supercharger on a Saturday morning around 7-8am. Does anyone know of a good breakfast place within walking distance of the charger? I've had some amazing food in Atlanta so I'm looking for something unique (as in not a chain, or...
  23. S

    Model X | XPEL Ultimate Clear Bra @ Shine Auto!

    Our customer purchased a Tesla Model X and wanted to protect his investment. Usually when we hear this, we recommend a New Car Prep and full front end XPEL Ultimate coverage. This particular customer wanted to go above and beyond that! The first thing we did when the vehicle arrived at our...
  24. Jean-Claude

    Vendor How our clients sold their P85 and received a maximum return in 2 weeks...and upgraded to a P100D

    3 years ago we got a call from a potential client inquiring about some protective services on a P85 that was scheduled to arrive in the following month. What followed was a few weeks of communication ironing out what exact services were going to be the best fit for these new Tesla Model S P85...
  25. Jean-Claude

    Vendor T Sportline Now Available at Detailed Designs Auto Spa

    Detailed Designs Auto Spa is proud to announce we are now a www.tsportline.com retailer for metro-Atlanta Tesla owners. Whether you own a Model S or Model X, want sportier wheels, a full custom interior or just a new carbon fiber lip, Detailed Designs Auto Spa can order and install your T...
  26. Jean-Claude

    Vendor Clear Bra Options for Teslas in Atlanta

    This post is made to provide information about clear bra coverage options for metro-Atlanta and southeastern Tesla owners. I want to take a moment to explain how these different coverage options differ with the hopes that it helps someone make an informed decision as to what coverage they feel...
  27. Jean-Claude

    Vendor Blackvue dashcam installations on Model S and Model X in Atlanta

    Have you considered having a Blackvue dashcam installed in your Tesla Model S or Tesla Model X but are unsure of where to have it installed? We are happy to share that Detailed Designs Auto Spa has been installing Blackvue dashcams in Atlanta since 2015, have many Tesla installations under our...
  28. Jean-Claude

    Vendor Taking a silver 2017 TMS to SILVER++ with Modesta and a full clear bra wrap

    Well....it actually got a bit more... Full clear bra wrap, Modesta BC-04 on the body and door jambs, Modesta BC-06 on the wheels and Modesta leather coating. She's buttoned up and beautiful for the streets of Atlanta!
  29. Jean-Claude

    Vendor How silver should look? Modesta paint coating over a full body clear bra wrap [video]

    This is my kind of gloss on a silver car... Paint correction, full body clear bra wrap, Modesta BC-04 on the body/jambs and Modesta BC-06 on the wheels and calipers means it looks good, is easy to clean and is as protected as it can get! (Make sure to turn the hi-def on!)
  30. Jean-Claude

    Vendor Not Tesla content but content for a great cause; The Cystic Fibrosis Foundation

    I am pleased to share quite the epic project for a noble cause. I know it's a little bit of a read and it took me some time to generate this content. But all of my staff and I at Detailed Designs Auto Spa hope you enjoy reading it as much as we enjoyed experiencing it! Smokies GT3 event, an...
  31. Jean-Claude

    Vendor Tesla Model S full body Xpel clear bra wrap in Atlanta

    Another Tesla Model S owner gets a fully buttoned up, fully Xpel clear bra wrapped finish in the Atlanta area! Read more here: Tesla Model S With a full body Xpel clear bra wrap - Detailed Designs Auto Spa
  32. Jean-Claude

    Vendor A video about who we are

    This video will help you learn more about my staff and I. What we stand for and why we do the things we do. We would love to hear your feedback.
  33. Jean-Claude

    Vendor Self-healing Paint Protection Film: What is it & does it work? [explained with video]

    What does it mean when clear bra can 'self-heal'? In the years since self-healing paint protection film was released there has been some level of confusion as to what self-healing technology really is. Some think self-healing means that any defects that could occur to the film will be repaired...
  34. Jean-Claude

    Vendor Ask a professional car detailer, clear bra and coatings installation expert

    TMC, I feel terrible that we've been too busy to post up fun articles for some time. So I wanted to create a place that members could post up questions that I field. With that said, if you have any questions in terms of detailing, clear bra / paint protection film, coatings and their...
  35. Jean-Claude

    Vendor How a full body clear bra wrap is supposed to look on a Tesla Model S in Atlanta

    Let me begin by apologizing that there are no outside or sunlight shots. The schedule to have the car ready and when it was picked up created a poor opportunity to photograph our work. At any rate, it looks great even when shot at night in the shop! This Tesla Model S got a full body clear bra...
  36. Jean-Claude

    Vendor PART 3/3 - 'Wheel, Wheel Well and Tire Care' - How to clean and dress tires

    Part 3 of 3 of a Wheel, Wheel Well & Tire Care[DIY] -How to clean and dress tires (without getting sling)- Like just about anything in life, dressing tires can be an incredibly brief process or it can be more in depth. For some, spraying some liquid gelatin on the tires over the course of 20...
  37. Jean-Claude

    Vendor Extreme paint correction and clear bra wrap on black Tesla in Atlanta [image heavy]

    Black Tesla Model S visits Detailed Designs Auto Spa for paint correction and clear bra wrap in Atlanta If you have a black Model S, then you probably already know how easy it is to have swirled up paint. If you do not have one, you’ve probably read how easy it is to swirl a Model S’s black...
  38. Jean-Claude

    Vendor Thanks for having us TMC!

    My name is Jean-Claude. I am the owner of Detailed Designs Auto Spa in Georgia. We are located just east of Atlanta, about 13 minutes east of 285 on i-20. We are an automotive protection and detailing business that offers paint protection film installation (known by many as clear bra), paint...
  39. de704

    Atlanta Supercharger Meetup!

    Hello all, The Supercharger in Atlanta at Atlantic Station is finally open (unofficially yet powered on). We're going to meet up here for lunch this Saturday (12/20/14) at 11am. Come join us! I hear the management of Atlantic Station may be rolling out the red carpet for us.
  40. A

    Model S & Other Exotics Car Show in Atlanta

    July 20th is the "Caffeine & Exotics" car show in Atlanta. Its taking place at Lenox Square from 8:00am - 11:00am. Tesla cars will be located in an exclusive area that will only display Tesla cars. If you are interested in showing your car then please contact 917-847-8355. Please join us for...
  41. A

    Alpharetta hotel with a charger?

    I'm traveling from Columbia, SC to Atlanta next week and would like to find an Alpharetta hotel with a car charger. Any recommendations? The Greenville Supercharge doesn't sound like it will be up and running by then, so I'll stop at the Ritz-Carlton on Lake Oconee as a halfway charge...
  42. de704

    Tesla Motors Fans - Atlanta, January 2013 - Meetup Event (Jan. 29th)

    We have had several Atlanta/Georgia Model S deliveries in the past few months. Let get together and celebrate the start of a new era in personal transport. Tesla Roadster we haven’t forgotten about you. If anyone owns a Roadster please bring it. Our unofficial record is 4 Tesla at an event...