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battery drain

  1. C


    Hi Everybody - I wanted to share some experience from parking my MY for multiple weeks in the winter at JFK airport. My concern was that I'd lose a few % every day but with Sentry + Wifi Off and 'DEEP SLEEP ASSIST' activated through Tezlab, I did not lose any significant power. Funny enough...
  2. P

    Tesla App, Phone Key, Bluetooth, Security

    Newbie Questions: Just got my MYLR a week ago & have questions. I park on the street (no driveways in historic 100+ yo neighborhood). The car is maybe 30’ from the house. The Tesla app recommends leaving it running in the background on my iPhone “for the best Phone Key experience”. When inside...
  3. Riguy

    Battery drain during charging

    Have an odd situation. My Y only seems to phantom drain battery when it’s plugged in. This has been happening for several weeks….I plug in (about once per week) and have it set to 85%. In the morning it‘s usually at 81 or 82%. I looked at TeslaFi this morning to see what was going on. I can...
  4. A

    Low driving range on 2021 Y standars

    Newbie! We just got our 2021 model y standard about 5 days ago. We got it used with 18,000km. We’re finding that the driving range is extremely low. We charged to 90% and roughly 56km since that, it’s already down to 74%. Yesterday I went on the 401 (100-120km/hr) for the first time with it...
  5. S

    When to use the ESS Service Disconnect?

    Hey everyone new member here! My goal is (and has been for 10 years) to purchase a roadster, and I am here to learn as much about them as I can. Are there any downsides to pulling the Service Disconnect if you are going on a multi week vacation or storing the car for an extended period? I have...
  6. B

    Lost 40 miles range on a 11mile regular journey?? New Model 3

    Ok so today I gave a friend a lift to pick up his Model 3 in my model 3 performance with the 20 inch alloy wheels. The service centre is only 10 miles or so and I left to go on a charge of 255 miles. The journey there was just regular speeds ranging from 20 - 50 miles per hour. There was a bit...
  7. M

    High pitched buzz from front of car and strange battery behavior

    I've had my MS for over three years now, so I'm used to quirky little things that come and go. Today's events caught my attention though. I charged last night at home. When I went to unplug this AM and go to work, there was a high-pitched whining sound from the very front of the car. Sounded...
  8. V

    Battery Drain in 3 hours

    Hi, Its my 4th day owning a Tesla Model 3 SR, I charged it to 80% (around 192 miles) and parked the car in the open from 12PM to 3PM. When I came in at 3PM I noticed it was at 180 miles. Is this normal for a hot day (at 90F)? Is there a way to tell if it's from cabin overheat protection? Should...
  9. J

    Two miles of charge to get one mile of driving

    Hi folks. We recently joined the Tesla family with our purchase of a Model S 75D. Loving the car BUT disappointed by the fact that our car seems to use 2 miles of battery charge for one mile of driving. For example, drove just under ten miles the past two days but the battery dropped 23...
  10. SSD420

    Phantom drain P100D

    hey everyone! I took delivery of my MX P100D yesterday evening. Obviously went joy riding for a little bit (oh my! The power compared to my former 90D :D) on the way home, but essentially went home and plugged her into my HPWC. I haven't left the house since. I have checked up on my MX through...
  11. plasmo

    How much battery drain during standby mode?

    Does anyone know how much battery is used when the car is in standby (and not plugged in) for long periods of time? For example, in a hypothetical situation where I would need to park my car at the airport for a 10 day vacation (not that I would leave my Tesla at the airport, but this was the...
  12. N

    Battery drain while car is left off for several days/weeks/months.

    Hello, I want to share my experience on this subject. I have a new 2015 tesla Model S 85D. I left for 15 days trip overseas. I left the car at 257 range when I left, and when I came back I had 233 range left. I averaged a 1.6 miles loss per day on a period of 15 days. check box for "always...
  13. Brightonuk

    Track Day Done!!

    What an experience:biggrin::biggrin: Gotta say I was very very nervous going out the first time but they paired me up with a pro who races every weekend so he tried to keep me on the track showing me when to turn in to a corner and it is way later than you think, so late I was thinking he...

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