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  1. SwedishAdvocate

    100% electric hydrofoil passenger vessel – Candela P-12

    " Candela P-12, the world’s first electric hydrofoil passenger vessel, has completed its first test flights and begun production at our Rotebro facility. P-12 is offering a faster, sustainable, and more cost-efficient option for maritime transport and will halve commuting times in Stockholm from...
  2. F

    Tesla's by boat? And more...

    Hi There, I own a model 3 2020 and love it. i think the Highland is a great update and actually ordered it yesterday. Two to six weeks until delivery. I don't have a VIN number yet but can I, if I have the VIN, look up were it was made? I am also curious how these Tesla's are transported...
  3. I

    Roof rack for fishing boat?

    So, I have Tesla original roof rack. and I am hoping to get something like a pond prowler or even twin troller kind of small 1-2 men mini bass boat. now, size-wise, I think it seems too long for how far apart the roof racks sit. Width remains within the range of width of the m3. anyone have...
  4. J

    Model 3: tow a boat out of the water from a ramp

    Hi, It's wintertime, so next week I have to drag my boat (approx 600kg incl. trailer) out of the water on a ramp. Anyone has experience with this? Can I leave the car while it's on parking brake? Use creep mode? etc. M3-AWD-LR Thanks, Johan Netherlands
  5. I

    Powerwall on a boat??

    I am looking forward immensely to my upcoming retirement, not least because I intend to spend large chunks of the year exploring Europe on a boat - exactly which boat is yet to be determined, but it is going to be a flybridge cruiser in the 50-foot range. We will spend a few weeks on it at a...
  6. Robert831

    Amphibious Mode?

    I know this is a little ridiculous, but I remember an interesting video where someone drove through a flooded area in a Tesla while the ICE cars were stuck. Besides not requiring air intake, apparently the car can float (just barely, and a short distance) and get a little propulsion off the...
  7. A

    Model X Launching Electric Boat

    Here's a video of the Model X launching a 16' fiberglass boat with my company's electric outboard motor prototype system on board: To appreciate this, you'll want the audio on.
  8. B

    Ramp launching a boat from a trailer?

    Please see the text below that I just read from the latest manual version 7.1. I launch/retrieve my 1200 lb sailboat/trailer from a boat ramp. The procedure described below on page 68 and 69 would make that so cumbersome as to be impossible. For those of you that do not ramp launch/retrieve...