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  1. C

    Allowing other brands access to Tesla super chargers

    How will allowing other brands access to Tesla superchargers be beneficial for current Tesla owners? I'm told Tesla makes no additional revenue from opening up their SC network. I'm guessing it may provide some funding to open up new SCs but it will definitely start clogging up SCs with a...
  2. MontyFloyd

    Hosting Tesla (Super)Charger, the offer and expense.

    Years ago Tesla created the "Host a Supercharger" offer with info on hosting commercial locations. Soon after Ford jumped on the NACS bandwagon, Tesla started responding to all the "Host a Supercharger" requests. Except it is only for Destination chargers, and seems to be at cost by property...
  3. N

    Condo got budget approved for 2 chargers - electrician is installing a new 200 amp service (to expand later) - should we buy 40amp or 48amp chargers?

    I'm on the board of my COA and have been the project manager for getting EV chargers installed at our building. I just got some budget approved and we're going to start with 2 chargers, but want to have some room to expand down the line. We're going to put in two units, and I'm trying to...
  4. E

    Charging speeds with CCS cable - public chargers

    Hi folks, I have a 2021 Model 3LR and I have a quick question on charging speeds with the supplied CCS cable. The's an MFG EV Power charging spot 10 mins drive from where I live and they have five of the new 150kWh chargers available with CCS being one of the cable options. I've never used a...
  5. V

    SF to South Lake Tahoe

    Just picked up a MY performance and I am going from SF to South Lake Tahoe next weekend and I wanted to see if there are any recommendations for the journey there. Where should I charge on the way, where to stop for food, hikes and other activities, restaurants, anything else that comes to mind...
  6. GigaTexas

    Tesla owners travel preferences

    As a Tesla owner, when you travel: Do you bring your Tesla with you? If yes, do you look for a place to stay with EV charger? Do you want to bring your pet? What do you want the hotel to provide you as an amenity that you do not already get? ex: Car related movies, local coffee/tea brands...
  7. guccitrash

    Searching for hotels with destination chargers

    Hey there! Still waiting on my Model Y and currently planning a road trip and noticed something - are there any hotel sites that allow you to filter down to hotels with chargers? I typically use booking.com to search for hotels and there doesn't appear to be a Tesla charger filter. Does anybody...
  8. T

    Local Part/Accessory Swap (Selling Nema 14-50 in the Bay Area)

    Hello TMC Community, I have a brand Nema 14-50 adapter that I'd like to sell locally, is anyone in the bay area interested? I ordered this a month ago before receiving my car, but decided to go with the Tesla Wall Connector because I will be mounting outdoors and the Nema 14-50 charger is more...
  9. mrfra62

    Overzicht oplaad punten derden

    Sinds kort heeft Tesla navigatie ook laadpunten van allego. Maar fastned of andere niet snelladers laat hij niet zien. Het zou mooi zijn als de navigatie op gegeven moment aangeeft dat er bijvoorbeeld een snellader langs de Duitse autobaan er aan komt of een fastned oplaad punt of een simpele...
  10. B

    Charging outside of the home

    I can’t for the life of me think through why so many companies are investing in chargers at their businesses / gas stations / retail outlets / etc. If I looked over the course of the last year with my MS, I have only NEEDED to charge twice when I brought the car on road trips. Outside of that...
  11. gnuarm

    Range Failure

    I encountered a case of range failure. Now I get the issue of range anxiety. I left the last Supercharger with my destination set and the remaining charge at my destination at 5%. As often happens that number rose as I drove until it was about 11%, so I thought I didn't need to stop at any...
  12. gnuarm

    Blink Network Website Down

    I'm trying to plan charging for a trip tomorrow and one of the locations we are stopping at has a Blink J1772 connector. It is not clear if I need to pay and/or if I need an account so I tried to reach the Blink web site only to find it down. Anyone know how the Blink network operates? Are...
  13. K

    CHAdeMO adapter For sale

    I purchased a CHAdeMO and I’ve never been to a public charger or had to charge at a public charger. Selling my CHAdeMO, still in its original sealed box I am asking for 500 chipped.
  14. Anisa

    Massless Energy Charger

    Patent US7053576 of Paulo & Alexandra Correa describes conversion of massless energy to conventional electrical energy in a device that could be placed in the truck space of an electric car. There would be no need to plug into the grid to charge. Tesla can incorporate this feature before or...
  15. GasKilla

    Charging etiquette for Tesla owners

    Perhaps this is a CA problem but I've seen far too may Teslas parked at public level 2 charges not plugged into the station. Not only is this rude, inconsiderate, and against the law in CA, it gives Tesla owners a bad reputation. I know EV parking spaces are usually the best in the lot, but if...
  16. M

    Hotel Charging Directory

    AZ, Tucson, La Paloma Resort. There are two 30amp Tesla-branded chargers at this resort. The valet staff reports that they were installed by Tesla and the stalls have Tesla signage. On the forum, there are plenty of requests for information about charging locations at hotels, but I haven't...