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  1. G

    Charging interrupts and car giving up

    I have a Dryer Buddy that interrupts mobile charger charging when the clothes dryer is on to avoid overloading a 32A circuit. Works great except when dryer is doing its wrinkle-guard thing where it is goes off for 15 minutes then on for 5 minutes a bunch of times. The Tesla appears to give up...
  2. G


    My 2021 model S is having issues charging at home and at the supercharger. It will start to charge and stop after 1-2 minutes. I push the key fob to open the door and it starts charging again. I stumbled upon the fact that if I open my trunk it will charge. The charging is only producing 7Kw so...
  3. F

    LA / Valley: NEMA 14-50 or Wall Charger? Electrician recommendations?

    Hi all, I am in the process of finishing up the paperwork to acquire a house in Woodland Hills, CA. It has a de-attached garage with a 110V plug in it that is about 40ft away from the panel. I want to upgrade that and honestly not sure if I should do the NEMA 14-50 with the mobile charger (it...
  4. IslandRoadster

    Roadster Charger

    I purchased a Roadster in 2017. It came with a charger. I am using a non-Roadster charger now so am interested in selling the Roadster charger. Includes Charger, cable, and cable hanger. $200 or best offer plus shipping. Money by Zelle, PayPal, or Venmo. Upon receipt of funds will ship...
  5. D

    Charging Station and Other Questions - Master's Student Data Gathering

    Hi all TMC Members; My name is Derek Oppedisano and I'm a Master's student studying at the University of British Columbia in Clean Energy Engineering. For one of our research projects, me and two classmates are looking at renewable energy infrastructure within North America, to eventually...
  6. wolfpet

    Charging 2 Teslas in a sequence

    Apologies if this has been answered already; the forum search hasn't returned much. I currently have 1 HPWC at 40 amp. This is all I can do without a costly upgrade to my house and this is more than enough for the amount of commute we do, but sharing the plug is not very convenient. Now, I...
  7. A

    Tesla - Single Charge Keeps Going & Going...

    See a lot of chatting on U.S. forums about how long and far a single charge will take you in a Tesla. Thing about Europeans and cars. They tend to shut up about it. Their theme: "Just drive." Indeed. Record Mondiale Autonomia Tesla – Tesla World Range Record – Tesla Owners Italia
  8. Asterix777

    Charging Model X with Solar Power + Poll

    Hi everyone! I've my Model X now for some days. I also have 10kWp solar panels on my roof. If it is a sunny day the solar panels are producing like this graph: But on the charging configuration of my Model X i can set only one limit. In my case the setup is 10Ax3x224V = 6,75kW until 10:00...