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  1. A

    REVR: Proposed affordable Plug-in retrofit kit

    Seems an Australian engineering student is aiming to make a relatively universal and affordable ICE to plug-in-hybrid conversion kit, as described in this article by New Atlas. It's a clever proposal, installing the motor between the wheels and brake disks. Given the early stage of the project...
  2. EVPartsSol

    Vendor Tesla Parts in Phoenix, AZ! Batteries, Motors, Collision Repair Parts, Conversion Kits, Solar! Worldwide Shipping

    Hello there from us here at EV Parts Solutions in Phoenix, AZ We have a wide range of parts available and in stock ready to ship to meet your many needs. For the repair crowd, body shops, and DIY members, we offer great replacement parts at fair prices and speedy shipping! For the...
  3. W

    EU M3P in US?

    My 3P was built Nov 20, EU spec made in California. I’m looking at options to move back to the US at some point in the future. Does anyone have experience with this? I understand from Google that adaptors exist for charging, but I’m looking for a longer term solution like swapping out the...
  4. O

    Can model s smart air suspension be swapped for coils?

    I’ve been searching for an answer to this question without much luck. I have a 2014 model s with smart air suspension that is now having some repeating issues with the car getting “slammed” or lowered related to the air compressor and air shocks. Instead of sinking more money in to fixing...
  5. S

    Headlight Beam Converter Kit

    Taking my UK Model 3 to France. I'm told I need a Headlamp beam converter kit to 'not dazzle' oncoming traffic. Anyone have any experience with these? Can the Model 3 be adjusted manually with the 'Adjust Headlights' option under Service. It says only a trained service technician should do...
  6. McGillUSAF

    Headlight retrofit

    I'm currently trying to do a LED headlight retrofit on a 2013 P85. I need help finding the wiring harness part number for the headlights on a 2017 Model S. I have the headlights on hand and would like to try to change the harness out and reprogram the vehicle vs opening the headlight and...
  7. BearBu

    Video conversion board (for rearview camera) extension to Dashcam / DVR

    This conversion board is to tap the video signal from the rearview camera and then convert to the analog high definition (AHD) signal @720p30 for Dashcam / DVR application (something like blackvue)
  8. robertvg

    Converting a Mack Anthem truck to a Tesla Semi

    (yes I knew this title would draw some attention :)) Ok heren, ik heb jullie hulp nodig ! Ik heb deze Mack Anthem truck besteld. Slechts 2595 stukjes, easy ! Komt morgen binnen. Het idee is uiteraard om deze stinkende diesel om te bouwen naar een Tesla Semi. En dat gaat vast beter als we dat...
  9. E

    Everyone should at least try an EV, why not in style?

    Hi all, Please check out our Kickstarter project to convert a classic camper to all-electric to hire to the public around the UK. We are based in North Yorkshire and want to build more eDubs (all electric classic campers) and Kickstarter is the way to do this. Any questions please fire away...
  10. cottylowry

    Tesla Convertible conversion

    Looks good with the top up, but not so hot in the open air mode. As the report says, it folds down like a VW in the open air mode. I think I'll stay with the pano roof version. Maybe the folded down mode becomes a huge spoiler?? Tesla Model S convertible first drive | Autoweek