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cross country

  1. L

    Planning a trip from Toronto to Vancouver in Model 3 SR+

    Hey all, Me and my wife are moving to Vancouver next month and we have decided to drive since we have two dogs and we have always wanted to do a cross country road trip. (We actually thought about selling the Model 3 and buy a gas car for the trip, but we only got the Tesla in December last year...
  2. I

    Driving Across Canada via the New TransCanada Highway!

    hi all, i'm planning a trip across canada in celebration of the new canadian superchargers! if it all works out, i'll probably be sharing my experience in video form. it's probably a silly idea, especially during winter, but i've been known to do silly things. any tips? will i be the first to...
  3. P

    taking cold into account when planning trip

    I'm taking a 2000 mile trip this winter over the Rocky Mountains, supercharger to supercharger, with my LR 3. Does the Model 3 onboard trip planner take into account cold weather (forecasts) when it suggests charge times at superchargers? How about mountain ascents? This would seem a key...
  4. I

    Bowlus Road Chief Cross Country Trip

    Blog chronicling our trip with a Model X and Bowlus Road Chief cross country. Action starts in a week:) Tin Poodle
  5. TslaRcr

    Cross-country, service centers

    Going cross-country next week. In regards to service center availability, seems like there are large gaps in coverage. For example, if the car breaks down in Mississippi, will my choices be to get towed 400 miles to either Dallas or Atlanta ? Or is there a better option ? Thanks
  6. D

    Hello from Southern Maryland about to make a cross country trip...

    Hello everyone, So glad to be here and be part of the Tesla community. I have been a big fan of Tesla since they were located in San Carlos CA developing the Roadster. This is where I used to live and I remember seeing the cars being test driven along Industrial Road. I'll be posting the...
  7. Fritts

    All 50 States in an electric car

    Does anyone recommend a blog website? I'd like to start a blog. In 2014, Lita and I became the first to drive everwhere in the US in an electric car. In 2015, Peter from Hawaii and his dog, Iceman, became the second. Now, it's 2016, and to the best of my knowledge, no one else has picked up the...
  8. DennisLevitt

    Going Cross Country a bit more leisurely

    My wife and I are planning to drive from Los Angeles to New York in mid-April. We're not going for a Cannonball run, but rather drive about 400-500 miles per day and play tourist for several hours., I've taken my Model S85 on several shorter road trips (LA to Las Vegas, Big Sur-Monterey...
  9. L

    Superchargers along I-80 from SF bay-area

    The SC map for 2014, 2015 doesn't look encouraging for east-bound travel from SF along I-80. The two SC's coming up between Folsom and Salt Lake City (approx 650 miles) in 2014 won't cut it for travel on Superchargers. Surprised that Tesla SC team is not aggressively "Supercharging" this route...
  10. ShadowyRealm

    TPA to LAS and and back in my Model S

    I'm planning to drive my Model S from Tampa to Las Vegas for a conference using the supercharger network. I'll be gone from February 22, 2014 to about March 15th. I figure it will be 8 days out and 8 days back because I have to go up the Eastern seaboard and across the northern plains, then...
  11. C

    A Southwest Greeting Party for the Coast to Coast Rally?

    Looks like the pair of red Teslas might be reaching the Four Corners area somewhere around early afternoon today. Google Maps shows about 11 hours from Hawthorne to Farmington, New Mexico, not counting recharge stops. They might be tempted to hypermile from Flagstaff or Holbrook up to Blanding...
  12. brucedp

    "Are you serious, Dad?" 82yr-old Tesla's across Canada

    With all the newswires I go through each day, I found this piece quite delightfully-refreshing and real-life (it makes up for the huge onslaught of fcv newswires that I have to wade through, that Big-Oil and Automakers are pushing for profits). I posted the piece on the evdl.org nabble archive...