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dead car

  1. D

    LRDM Model 3 Suddenly Unresponsive

    Last night my car was working normally and I decided to charge it at home in the garage from 90 miles to 200. My phone got notification charging was complete at 3 AM. But when I got in the car to take the kids to school it would not wake up and is completely unresponsive. I don’t know if...
  2. A

    Anyone else have this occur? eMMC related?

    Car has had the "Center Display storage Device degraded - Ok to drive." Scheduled appt to get eMMC issue addressed. 1st appt. cancelled as daughterboard had not arrived for appt. 2nd appt. is scheduled next week and hopefully the board comes in. Ok to drive - it says. Let's take a ride...
  3. B

    New Model 3 died in midtown Manhattan during rush hour

    Two days ago, my new Model 3 died in the middle of a busy street in midtown Manhattan during rush hour, tying up traffic for 45 minutes. I took delivery of my Model 3 one month ago (6/19). After two weeks and 300 miles, got the "replace 12v battery soon" message. Tesla replaced the battery...
  4. A

    Jun 6th 2020 Software Update Bricked my 2014 Model S P85

    Parked my Car in garage plugged in at midnight and woke up Saturday to a non-responsive car. Handles won't present, power cord won't disengage, trunk won't pop. Nothing. At the advise of roadside assistance, I tried taking off the nose cone and jumpstarting with a car battery jumper with no...
  5. D

    Model 3 becomes a brick/nonfunctional

    Greetings. Wondering if anyone else has had the following problem with their vehicle. On three separate occasions, my M3 has become completely unresponsive. Each time, the car was adequately charged and had recently been used (the first time, it had been driven 30 miles and parked for 2 hours...
  6. B

    Model 3 with 24 miles in 2weeks completely dead

    Hi All, I am looking for some recommendations for the problem I am facing with my recent Model 3 purchase. Placed custom order mid Nov and got delivery last week of Dec. Odometer showed just 04 miles when I took delivery. After driving for just 20miles in 2 weeks (out for vacation during...
  7. T

    2019.36.2.1 - charging issues?

    So since this update has been applied over the weekend, I've had 2 instances where the car completely shutdown and wouldn't reboot while on a charger at home. The first time on Sunday morning I had a "Please wait - screens busy" message come up. I tried to get the car to boot up but nothing...
  8. G

    12v battery/circuit design not reliable for critical functionality

    The 12v battery in my 2014 model S died or the circuit disconnected on me without warning at all. I was locked out of the car completely. Even after the towing company forced open the door the car could not start, completely dead with no warning at all. I had to pay $300 for the towing company...
  9. W

    "Thunk" then "needs service" and less than 1000 miles. Happen to anyone else?

    Almost new Model 3 which I have been LOVING and gently I'd like to point out. Actually had the thrill of bolting on real license plate 2 days ago, now this. Got in the car to leave yesterday, foot on brake, shifted into reverse to leave garage, heard and felt horrible "clunk", and car is DEAD...
  10. BLKMDL3

    Software update failed, car won’t move, got loaner 3 days later, car fixed next day!

    It’s true, my car really is dead for now. Earlier today, I got a notification that a software update failed. Ok, so that’s happened before. Walk out to the car and a whole load of error messages pop up. I’m like oh s$&t. Call roadside and they say the car has to be towed. But the car had another...