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delivery issues

  1. S

    My Model 3 Couldn't deliver to me due to damage at delivery parking

    Hello, Team! I require a clear explanation from you. It's fine if you deliver my vehicle in December 2022 or January 2023, but I'd like a concession or December incentives as compensation. Because this is your fault and your problem. Because I believe in you, I visited Spring Field in New...
  2. N

    2019 delivery - Power of Attorney?

    Hi, I ordered my LR AWD in Los Angeles on 10/13. At the time of ordering there were a few in inventory but I wanted slightly different specs - I was told 2 weeks, then a few days later 6-8 weeks. It's now been 10 weeks and no sign of a VIN - the dealer says it's expected at the very end of 2019...
  3. C

    Delivery Scheduled for Oct. 29th, is this a problem?

    I called the delivery team here in Littleton Colorado and they said my car is still in the freemont lot. They are checking on seeing why it hasn't been shipped yet. Luckily I called them and didnt show up tuesday and found out the car wasnt there. Just wondering if you guys think that i will...
  4. S

    UK Model 3 Delivery Issues

    Hi all, Just reviewing my delivery checklist for when i get my car (hopefully in August) and wanted to know if any of the folks who received their Model 3 in June had any delivery issues with the first round of the RHD Model 3's?
  5. D

    Model 3 free supercharging

    I would like your opinion on if I should pursue this issue further. I ordered my M3LR online using my brother in law's code for free supercharging. The order form appeared to accept the code fine. When my order came though it did not say anything about supercharging (free or otherwise) so when...
  6. Glamisduner

    Well, I Rejected my White P3D-

    I was so excited to pickup the car! First delivery was canceled middle of last month. Then I received a text saying it would be delivered before the end of September. So I wasn't holding my breath for the new delivery date today, but it actually did happen, I took off work early, and there was...
  7. Tezzie


    I picked up my 2018 Model S 100D at Burbank Tesla this weekend. This car was a showroom demo--I don't know which showroom. My salesperson told me there was no damage on the car, and that the price was reduced because it had 264 miles on it. Also, I would be able to take delivery within 2 weeks...
  8. S

    Delivery Location Changed Last-Minute

    Has anyone else here had the Tesla store call them the day of their scheduled delivery and try to change the appointment to a different location? Here's what the rep said on the phone and I'm quite irritated: Hi Mr [name], I'm calling to tell you that we have a great opportunity for you! We're...
  9. W

    Water Repair Checklist?

    So this was sitting on the dashboard of my Model 3. Took a picture of it on the Tesla lot. Was told of a delivery delay pertaining to some “minor cosmetic” issues. Delivery specialist says paint chip on trunk and it needs to go to body shop. But this water repair checklist has got me nervous...
  10. J

    Is Your Tesla Dealership Spreading FUD Around The Tax Credit?

    Is Your Tesla Dealership Spreading Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt Around The $7500 Tax Credit? A few weeks ago, I went into the Tesla Dealership in Scottsdale, Arizona and spoke with a Customer Experience Specialist who was very knowledgeable. I mentioned that I'm looking at a Model S and my...
  11. mrpseudonym

    Model X - delivery comments and issues

    Now that deliveries have started, its probably worth while having a thread to help us new owners navigate through any issues... Delivery experience was just ok, they were pushing a lot of cars through so attention to detail was a little light on. There were a few marks from the shipping wrap...