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  1. X

    Tesla FSD videos ?

    I can not find any videos from a demo FSD drive from today’s event. According to the webcast, people attending would have to ability to experience the new hardware and software. Any NDAs involved? Any links/videos ?
  2. YusufT

    Tesla to Demonstrate FSD Later This Month

    Tesla confirms new full self-driving computer is in production and will demonstrate capability on April 19. https://electrek.co/2019/04/03/tesla-full-self-driving-computer-production-demonstration/
  3. 2

    2019 Feb order, with MVPA: New - Previous service/demo vehicle with 100 km

    So... I ordered a MR3 shortly after the announcement of the SR3 and recently received my MVPA, but it says under the Description of Property: "New - Previous service/demo vehicle" with an odometer reading of 100 km. From reading around the forums this is supposed to mean that the car was either...
  4. B

    Test drive

    I am interested in ordering a model x but haven’t spent any time in the car. There is not a DesignStudio within 3 hours of me so if I call my closest design studio will they let me drive a demo one for a few days? What’s the proper protocol? Thanks in advance.
  5. Maarten

    Enkele Tesla's met eigenaar gezocht om vanmiddag Captains of Industry te overtuigen etc.

    :(:(:(:rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes: Vanmiddag einde middag zou ik een paar uurtjes, globaal tussen 17 en 19 u gaan rijden tussen het Jazz Hotel en de Ziggo Dome in Amsterdam. Dit om mensen te transporteren die deelnemen aan een congres met o.a. Al Gore, Richard Branson, de nodige...
  6. benjiejr

    DJI Phantom 4 Active Track Tesla Demo

    Here's a Tesla-related video... I used the DJI Phantom 4 Active Track functionality to follow the Tesla... On a side note to the mods or anyone that might know, I tried to create a new post in the "Videos" section, but it says I have insufficient privileges to do so. I've made several posts...
  7. R

    Has anyone purchased inventory car in last 3 months?

    I'm looking at purchasing a 90D inventory car. I understand Tesla's standard formula is 1% off per month that the car has been used + $1 per mile. Has anyone had any luck getting them to come down on this number recently? My OA told me that all prices are set in stone and nonnegotiable... True...
  8. benjiejr

    Beta Autopilot Demo on 2.7.77

    Some video of Autopilot during the day and night in various scenarios:
  9. K

    Looking for feedback from Australian owners, particularly in Perth

    Hi everyone, To avoid being envious and impatient with getting my hands on a Tesla I've been off the forum for a while but I see things with Tesla in Australia have really moved along over the past year. Now that things appear to be full throttle and cars are being delivered to Perth and...
  10. benjiejr

    TACC Demo

    Demonstration of the Traffic Aware Cruise Control (TACC) on the Tesla Model S P85D with autopilot hardware