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  1. J

    Road dirt getting inside door jam

    We just took a trip to Reno and got caught in some rain/snow near Truckee. When we arrived, we noticed that water/dirt/snow got inside the door jams. Seems like the doors are not sealing this out well. Is this normal? I don’t recall getting this this badly on other cars we have owned.
  2. mbaier

    Beige seats and dirt

    I am thinking about buying a new Model X by the end of the year and am leaning towards the red multi coat with the beige interior. However I am worried about the beige seats getting dirty or "jeans stained" too quickly. What are the experiences with the beige seats from other owners ?
  3. S

    Dirt in model 3

    Hi! I've done a few tesla video to YouTube, and I noticed that the car's chassis collects a lot of sand. I drive 99% on asphalt, not offroading. This is not a critique of tesla, but good to be aware of
  4. S

    Dust and dirt a constant problem

    We live in a semi rural area and have a major problem with dust/dirt from the roads. has anyone found a coating- PPF or ceramic or something else that would cut down on the need to wash the car. It would be daily washing if we want to keep it clean, but we are lazy and do it once a week. The...
  5. GolanB

    Keeping Model 3 clean in hard-to reach places

    In a video from earlier this month, @DirtyT3sla posted about his experience cleaning out dirt accumulation that formed above his aero shield in the rear of the Model 3. In his case, he removed about 15lbs of dirt (buildup from a year worth of driving across 6 miles of dirt roads a day) - and in...
  6. zhu-

    Post your before and after winter wash photos

    First time I've had a chance to do a proper wash this year. Thought I'd share a before and after photo. Dirt mostly from last week's snow: After wash and seal. There looks to be some white streaks on the bumper but it's light coming through a fence. I actually went to check after seeing...
  7. B

    TACC stopped working

    Greetings. Hw2. 7.5.28. This is the FW version on car delivery 2 weeks ago. Have been enjoying TACC. Freeways, and local roads. A couple days ago we got "Cruise not Avalable" when attempting to engage. And indeed, no greyed out speed setting visible. This seems a permanent state. No TACC...
  8. B

    Dirty Windshield

    I took my first 550 mile road trip the other day. One of the most noticeable things is without regular gas station stops to clean the windshield it gets pretty dirty/buggy. It would be much worse on a longer trip. What do people do? Carry Windex and paper towels with them? Ron
  9. Andrew

    Carbon fiber spoiler and dirt on the tailgate?

    I was just reading through a thread in which some owners were looking to add spoilers to their non-performance S's, and saw a comment about reduced range because of the increased drag. That got me thinking about the airflow and dirt: I've noticed on our Model S (sans spoiler) that a lot of...