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door closing

  1. E

    Size or standard door rubber trim?

    Need to replace the worn out Tesla Model S door rubber trim along the rear bottom. How can I replace with the same or will any do?
  2. S

    Took Delivery of 2023 MYLR. Found issues with dirty hazy headlights and door closing. Reported within 24 hrs and <100 miles. What are my options?

    I took Delivery of a new MYLR on March 31, 2023 from the Dublin CA delivery center. The car was built in Fremont 03/2023. The exterior and interior were fine. In the daylight it was hard to inspect headlights. When I came home I noticed that both the headlights have very visible dirty...
  3. N

    Charging Port door closes immediately after opening

    2021 MY. This just happened today. The charger port door closes immediately after opening. Keeps doing this. I soft boot car by long pressing 2 scroll balls on steering wheel but no change. Anyone has any suggestion? I did update software to 2022.40.4.2 couple of days ago. Thanks!
  4. D

    Opening Door Issue

    I have a month old Model X 2019. Twice I've come back to my car and noticed the driver side door open. This morning when I parked it at a charging station the rear passenger side door opened. I closed it on my display, set for charging and left. I came back and the rear passenger side door...
  5. I

    Late 2018 MX Falcon wing door sensors?

    Hi Folks, I picked up a Dec 2018 MX75 recently and am not sure if all the FWD interior sensors are working correctly. The doors have no problem opening, but have closed on our heads a couple of times. I've found touch sensors along the trim of the door (prevents pinching on fingers), an...
  6. Hubster

    Locking the FWD buttons...

    Hi. Does anyone know if it’s possible to disable the interior FWD buttons? I know the child lock function prevents the open button from working, but not the close button. The reason I ask is that when I’m putting my 3yo into his seat he sometimes reaches forward and presses the close button...
  7. RobertSeattle

    Anyone else find the Touchscreen Door Closing UI confusing?

    I've only been an X owner for about a week now but have multiple times clicked the wrong button when meaning to close a FWD, and instead opened the driver or passenger doors. Happens when I am trying to be quick (like child drop off). My brain is trained that top means front, but in the UI, the...