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  1. D

    2013 Model S Headlight Out (New Bulb, Ballast, and Assembly)

    Title says it all, bulb started flickering and going out. Off and on would reset and it’d fire for about another 2 minutes. While new bulb was in the mail it went out for good. Changed bulb, no luck. Moved to the ballast. Changed that to no avail. Talked to Tesla, they said it would be the...
  2. Brando

    Earth Day - Tony Seba - Disruption of Oil, Petrol Vehicles, Coal

    22 April 2020 - Keynote for Visionary Day at the 1st World CleanTech Week eConvention Tony Seba has studied historical technology disruptions. He also recalls his projections 7 to 10 years back on where we would be in 2020 - see how accurate he was. Interesting and Informative about technology...
  3. Shaggy

    Ordering in about 10 days so looking for

    • Tint and protective wrap (XPEL or the like) installers around Austin. Not looking to drive to Houston... • Installer for Blackvue front and rear and a lighted T rear. Suggestions?
  4. Haxster

    Tesla Model S Keyless/Fobless Controller

    My latest Tesla project: In the video, you can also see my dipped wheels, some of the chrome wrap, and my charging cable management scheme.
  5. Xenius

    Timeline for Dash/CPU update?

    Have there been any rumours or information on when the model S may see an increase in processing power for the central dash/touchscreen? Is this maybe already happening? I'm mostly curious if I were to buy a new 70D, am I getting the same (now ~3year old) cpu running the car? I've heard a few...
  6. M

    Tesla Applications?

    My Tesla finally arrived!!!!! Now after playing with the touchscreen and all the electronics, I already want more. Does anyone know where to get apps for the Tesla? Like my iPhone has?
  7. Alan Sherman

    Impressions After Owning a Model S 10 days

    I’ve had a chance to live with the car now for 10 days, take 2 100+ mile round trips and generally, consider how it compares with other nice cars I’ve owned. To give you some perspective, and some context from whence my opinions come, I traded in a Jaguar XJ for the MS, and have most recently...
  8. D

    Speaker Static from iPhone--Any Solutions?

    My iPhone causes static/scratchy noise in the front left speaker when the iPhone is sending/receiving large amounts of data. The noise is pronounced when the iPhone is in the cubby below the touchscreen, but minimized or eliminated when I am holding the iPhone. The noise occurs even when the...
  9. nspollution

    Recommendation for Installed Electronics, Minneapolis/St. Paul?

    I want to get a radar detector and dash camera installed. I have heard of one attempt that did not go well. I was curious if anyone in the Twin Cities has a good experience with one or both?