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federal tax credit

  1. S

    Deliveries of $80k X?

    Have any been delivered? Anyone have VIN?
  2. M

    Discussion : All discussion regarding Model 3 and Tax credit in model 3 subforum

    I know that the M3LR doesn’t qualify for the new US incentives because the MSRP is above $55k - and no Teslas qualify until 2023 anyway. Surely it would be easy for Tesla to reduce the MSRP to $54,999 and unbundle some functionality we can buy later. But will they? If not, the MY could end...
  3. G

    Ordered Model 3 - will I get FTC if it is delivered after 12/31?

    Hi there! I ordered my Model 3 on Saturday. So excited! I received the approval today and waiting for the delivery specialist to contact me. Since it is starting to get close to the 12/31 deadline, will I still be eligible for the FTC if it is delivered AFTER 12/31 (even if the order...
  4. S

    New M3P vs.Used P85D+

    Hello, Currently a Model X owner. Wanted to see what you guys thought if you had an option to get the new M3 Performance or a used P85D+ as follows: M3 P Performance drive with Enhanced Autopilot Ordered before performance upgrade was included (hence may be able to get a $5,000 break there)...
  5. tpedwards

    Used Tesla in California

    There seems to be a confluence of forces: 1. Change in HOV lane sticker policy (tainted Model S that no longer qualify) 2. Ending of $7,500 Federal credit 3. Tesla no longer ships used Teslas that they have for sale 4. California collects sales tax by any commercial seller of used vehicles 5...
  6. M

    Separate install dates for PowerWall and Panels ... Federal Rebate?

    So I took the plunge and will get Tesla solar panels and three PowerWalls. I decided to get the whole thing installed at once. After discussing with the sales person, he wasn't sure if having a split installation (since PowerWalls are delayed by a few months) would allow the PowerWalls to be...
  7. P

    Leasing and federal tax credit

    How is federal tax credit applied to a 36 month lease?
  8. T

    INC FED TAX CREDIT--Need 97,390 signatures by May 2!

    Not sure why this hasn't been front-and-center for the past month, but just found this by accident, and THERE'S NEARLY NO TIME TO GET IT DONE. Please forward widely (and quickly): Increase the EV tax credit cap per manufacturer. | We the People: Your Voice in Our Government Increase the EV...