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  1. N

    Smelly stinky socks / mold in Model 3 AC

    Has anyone have any luck with understanding the warranty on the AC filter. We had the car for a few months when it started smelling like stinky socks and mold. We did not call it in right away since the car is not driven that much initially. Then when the passenger door did not close...
  2. LargeHamCollider

    Retro-fitting HEPA filter in Model Y

    This thread is to explore the feasibility of retro-fitting HEPA filters to Model Ys that were manufactured without HEPA filters standard. I don't own a Model Y but my parents have one that was manufactured in December 2020. My mom is quite sensitive to pollen and other particulate and I'd like...
  3. A

    Does the 2021 Model X come with a HEPA filter?

    I saw the option to purchase a HEPA filter on the Tesla website for $500. Is this just for replacement? 1. Does the 2021 Model X come with a HEPA filter installed? Or do you have to buy one and install it after delivery? 2. How do I check if my car has a HEPA filter installed? Is there a...
  4. plasmo

    Stinky sock smell is back after 1 year

    I swapped out my filters last year and foamed my a/c filter area with resolution of the stinky smell...until now. It’s back. Is this going to be a yearly thing???
  5. Mergoscia

    Hepa filter voor M3?

    Heeft iemand een Europese verkoper van Hepa filters voor model 3 gevonden? In the US is er nu een verkopende partij, maar invoeren vind ik een beetje teveel van het goede.
  6. IndyToronto

    Model S non-HEPA cabin air filter. How to order?

    For those who have replaced their own non-HEPA pre-facelift cabin air filter? How do you go about ordering one from Tesla. They're not sold online.
  7. jipvk

    Air intake filter surfaced

    As most of us have seen, there are various sources to buy a plastic grid to keep the HVAC air inlet under the hood clear of debris. I now also saw another type of product surface. An actual filter that fits over the air inlet, and can be combined with the plastic grid on top, I didn't see it...
  8. T

    How does the Bio Weapon filter work?

    Hey Guys I am curious to know how the bio weapon filter works in the MX. Does the filter only filters the air coming from out side or does it also filters the air with in the cabin. A few days ago, I order fast food and turned on the bio weapon to filter out the food odours but I couldn't...
  9. krazineurons

    What air filter comes with non PUP?

    Trying to figure out if the non PUP version has the same 10x larger airfilter, if not, how effective is the non PUP one?