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  1. T

    FS: Model X 6 Seater Official All-Weather Floor Mats/Liners (SoCal)

    Hey TMC, So long story short, I got a set of official Tesla Model X 6-seater floor liners, but I ended up buying a MY, lol. Obviously have no use of the liners anymore, so I'd like to sell them. I did open the box to inspect them, but these are brand new and unused. Note: they're only for...
  2. T

    For Sale: Model 3 All Weather Floor Liners

    EDIT: These are now sold. I have an extra set of all weather floormats for a Model 3, new in an unopened box. I had already bought a set, and my wife bought another set, then we never returned them. These sell for $225.00 direct from Tesla. (see website here...
  3. L

    3D MAXpider Custom Fit KAGU Floor Mat (BLACK) for 2018-2019 TESLA MODEL 3 - 1ST ROW 2ND ROW

    3D MAXpider Custom Fit KAGU Floor Mat (BLACK) for 2018-2019 TESLA MODEL 3 - 1ST ROW 2ND ROW - Fits perfectly in the Model 3 - good condition as the car was not used a lot and owner (my dad) is a clean freak (sorry Dad!) Price: $75 (originally over $200) Local pick up, or you can pay for shipping.
  4. Spinkick

    FS: Model Y sorta maxspider floormats :)

    Hey guys, I just got these after waiting forever and a day for them to arrive from the cliche "slow boat from China". You can guess where I got these. They are of pretty good quality. Certainly better than the stock Tesla ones. I put them out here to straighten up, but here are the pics right...
  5. D


    As a new member of the Tesla community, I'm excited to see that there's a rich ecosystem of owners here sharing their experiences, so I'd like to share a really educational experience I had buying two different floor mats and ultimately sending one of them back for a refund. When I first...
  6. salvadorsantan

    Model 3 OEM Rubber Floor Mats

    FOR SALE - Set of OEM rubber floor mats for Model 3, they are used in very good conditions. Available for local pick up in Orlando, FL or shipping in the CONUS at your cost. $120
  7. tshields

    Vendor TeslaShields Update #18

    Hello Supporter, Jason, here. It’s been just under 2 weeks since we last gave an update so here we go. I just got notice earlier today from our 3PL, redstag, that our last batch of inventory is scheduled to arrive on Thursday 1/27. Items in this batch include: rest of Model 3 mats, Model3 trunk...
  8. original

    FS: NEW* - Weather-Tech Front/Rear Floor-liners

    Hello, I have a brand new set of Weather-Tech Floor-liners for Tesla Model 3. These were originally purchased for a customer, however he did not pick them up. $215 includes shipping cost ( retails for $260 )
  9. N

    Help Please! Wine Spill Smell - Even after interior detail/shampoo

    Hello! I tried searching but didn't find anything. A bottle of red wine slipped from the back seat and shattered in the back, behind the seats and center console. Now the car smells, of course. Sadly even after a week of venting the windows, having all windows fully open during my 60 min...
  10. tshields

    Vendor TeslaShields update #7

    To our wonderful TMC community, We have been working extremely hard in Papa Elon's basement and are thrilled to announce that we have received our latest inventory restock🥳🥳! It has been an arduous journey to say the least to bring them in but we finally did it! We have had an unprecedented...
  11. tshields

    Vendor I almost died because I wasn’t in a Tesla! (TeslaShields update)

    Just yesterday I was involved in a serious accident where I had a head on collision with an SUV going over 70 MPH. Needless to say that my car was absolutely totaled and luckily I was fine except for some bruising and burns caused by the airbag being super close to my feet. I am also extremely...
  12. tshields

    Vendor Important announcement from TeslaShields

    Tesla Freaks, Geeks, and Those in Between, It’s Jason here, co-founder of TeslaShields. I have some extremely exciting news to share with you all. First and most importantly, I am extremely excited to announce that we have started shipment of all of our customers’ orders (including our own...
  13. tshields

    Vendor Would a TeslaShields floormat help my Tesla stay afloat during a flood?

    It is widely known that the Tesla Model 3 and y (and possibly the rest of their models) have a total waterproof sealed battery pack and as a result, can float on water during a flood for some time. Now, since our mats create a seal and are designed to keep water out of your carpets, is it...
  14. BriAziz

    Model S - All weather mats directly from Tesla

    Hi Everyone - has anyone recently ordered MS All weather mats directly from Tesla for a 2021 MS? I did and received them this week and the mat for the back seats/row doesn’t fit?? The description on the Tesla shop page doesn’t specify a year so one would assume they fit the current model year...
  15. S

    Model Y Weather Tech Floor Mats

    Hi, there! My 1st post! Just received my model y weathertech floor mats. There are no photos or videos anywhere yet so I did a quick 1 min video in case someone is curios how it looks and fits. I have kids and having tall sides is a must have for me to collect snow, sand, dirt from bikes and...
  16. SoyMikeJones

    FS: Toughpro Floor Mats (Front and Rear) 2016-2020 Model S - $40

    Purchased from forum member ucsdsig in this thread, but ended up not using them as unfortunately I wasn't a fan of how they looked with the light interior: FS: Toughpro Floor Mats (Front and Rear) 2016-2020 Model S $40 - Pick up in Los Angeles or happy to ship at buyer's expense...
  17. Bossmobile

    OEM M3 Carpet Floormats for sale

    Brand new model 3 carpet floormats. Took delivery of car yesterday and immediately replaced these with rubber floormats. local pickup in SoCal (oc)
  18. P

    Discussion: Floor Mats in Model 3

    What is the recommend brand for floor mats for m3. Please let me know
  19. Triumphz28

    New Toughpro Tesla Model X Premium All Weather Custom Laser Cut Fronts - $50 (torrance, Ca)

    New ToughPRO Tesla Model X Premium All Weather Custom Laser Cut Fronts - $50 (Torrance, CA) New ToughPRO Tesla Model X Premium All Weather Custom Laser Cut Fronts ToughPRO Tesla Model X (All Years) Premium All Weather Custom Laser Cut - Front Row Floor Mats ToughPRO provides the highest...
  20. GaryC

    3D MAXpider Kagu floor mats (front seats + 2nd row + 3rd row) for Model X 6-seater $199 at Amazon

    Covers everything but the frunk and trunk. Normally around $300, but right now is $200. Not sure if this is a permanent price drop. I paid this much just for my Model 3 interior mats (also Maxpider Kagu's), and I'm very happy with them. Picture for reference: Please note that because of...
  21. K

    Model S Tesla floormats, like new

    Selling my Tesla branded Weather-tech floor mats, front and rear. Used two seasons only. One of the fronts is missing the glued-on 'Tesla' badge. In original packaging. I've replaced my S with a 3 so these are available. $150 Prefer local pick-up. I'm in Cincinnati - near Blue Ash Supercharger.