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folding mirrors

  1. T

    SERENITY NOW! - Autopilot Chimes are way TOO LOUD!

    Bottom line is that Autopilot activation and deactivation chimes 📢 are just plain annoying, and over the top. These are amazing vehicles, but they are as annoying as my morning alarm clock, just ask my napping wife 🤫 on a road trip. There are a few other tweaks that would greatly improve the...
  2. K

    Fix the Fold [auto folding mirrors]

    I want my mirrors to fold at home but soon as I arrive the Mirrors fold and then I have to back into my driveway to to connect charger. Mirrors should not fold until car is put into PARK and unfold when taken out of PARK.
  3. COS Blue

    Mirrors unfold "randomly" in my garage

    I have my mirrors set to auto-fold based on location (and, I believe also via HomeLink). If I leave my car unlocked in the garage, sometimes when I go out there (without the key), I see that the mirrors have unfolded themselves. Not sure if there is any rhyme or reason to why/when this...
  4. Boourns

    Passenger side mirror not folding out

    Twice now after a minute or two of driving I have noticed that the passenger side mirror is not folded all the way out. Stopping the car and manually folding the mirror via quick controls fixes the problem. Since it's only happened twice I can't tell if there's a specific series of events that...
  5. V

    Mirror not folding out completely

    On my 1 month old S I found that occasionally the driver side mirror seemed to lose the setting. It didn't look like I set it up before and I had to readjust it. Not every time but enough to notice it. I finally figured out today what's going on, and that's on occasion the mirror does not fold...
  6. madodel

    Power folding mirrors on the X.

    I asked my DS about the X's width and he pointed out that the 89.4" is with the mirrors extended and only 78.7in wide with the mirrors removed. My Highlander was 75.8" not including the mirrors but the mirrors weren't all that big. In my 2 car garage with my wife's Lexus there is only about a...