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SERENITY NOW! - Autopilot Chimes are way TOO LOUD!


Apr 9, 2021
Bottom line is that Autopilot activation and deactivation chimes 📢 are just plain annoying, and over the top. These are amazing vehicles, but they are as annoying as my morning alarm clock, just ask my napping wife 🤫 on a road trip. There are a few other tweaks that would greatly improve the driving experience.

When driving on Autopilot, and the driver activates the turn signal for a lane change, the AP disabled chime needs to be turned down to a minimum level (off with a visual cue would be preferred). I know Autopilot is being disabled for a lane change, I don't need to be warned that the car is not lane holding anymore because it was me, I did it, I just signaled for a manual lane change. If I indicate a lane change, followed by a centering in the adjacent lane, then just do it with minimal noise (again no noise would be best), your sleeping passengers (or work calls) will appreciate it.

The Safety Sallies out there is going to say what happens if you mistakenly hit the turn signal and Autopilot disables, do you want just drive off the road? The Driving Computer knows that the target lane is safe or it should be alerting, (and it knows where the edge of the road is also) simply allow the car to move there with minimal alerts. The new lane then becomes the new safety zone and reinitiate all lane departure warnings in the new lane. There could also be other conditions such as a maximum turn radius, driver alert checks, all of these things exist. Don't give me the elitist's "That's FSD pay for it", no it's not. AP was disabled and I know it, I'm tired of getting yelled at when I do so, and again it's annoying to my passengers.

When reactivating Autopilot within 30 seconds, just give a simple visual que, the driver is obviously aware that AP has been reengaged. Just Do It, don't tell me about it. 🔇

Obviously, distance following is a combination of vehicle type (expected size), and whether that object is shrinking or getting bigger in the field of view. If I'm in AP, and I signal a lane change (which as we just discussed disables lane holding), then switch the follow distance to the new lane. ACC seems to hold onto the lane until I'm completely out of the lane, which is way too long, and not normal. The current Visual 3 Car minimum distance is too large, make 2 available. I've lived in California, I don't know how this hasn't been adjusted yet. 🤦‍♂️

Elon, you're all about removing the manual steps, here's an easy one.

Turn Signals - I'd like a configurable blink count. I don't SAFELY make a full lane change in 3 blinks, I prefer a 5 count to Signal, Clear, Change lanes. I find myself holding the stalk to get a longer set of blinks when a setting would alleviate the manual override.

And for goodness sakes, add fold mirrors WHEN PARKED for Home. I want them folded IN THE GARAGE so they don't get hit by my kids (or a purse/random bag) when parked IN THE GARAGE, but I'd like to use them to Enter/Exit normally.

Add a Parking Mode, when pulling into a GEO enable the camera screen. We use our rear camera to gauge our distance from the garage door threshold for parking. Again, another manual tap that can be eliminated. OH, I better idea just popped into my head, settable distance sensor(s) for garage parking. 🚦

Many of these are fresh in my mind after a 750 mile road trip. I guess it's time to start tweeting Elon. 📣

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May 23, 2014
Charlotte, NC
Joe Mode does not reduce the volume sufficiently. Agree with OP wholeheartedly.
Well then, if Joe Mode is not enough, I think you're out of luck -- at least until L4/L5 self driving arrives.
I just don't see Tesla legal agreeing to take on that sort of liability before full autonomy.


Apr 9, 2021
Well then, if Joe Mode is not enough, I think you're out of luck -- at least until L4/L5 self driving arrives.
I just don't see Tesla legal agreeing to take on that sort of liability before full autonomy.
I didn't say throw safety out the window. FSD and AP are programs, you can further test conditions, apply logic, and add statements.

I simply suggest that the volume of Alert be reduced when AP is disabled by a turn signal. The condition of a lane change is already fully written into our cars, just turn down the volume.


After a successful lane change, then go back to AP_ALERT_VOL = 5.

Obviously, there is far more logic in real life, but it's a simple set.


Jun 13, 2017
Snohomish WA
Some good ideas for sure. Funny, wasn't the big scary "recall" in China about adding chimes because you could engage TACC without a sound? They made Tesla push an update that added the notification.
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New Member
Aug 24, 2021
I agree what's been said here. I drove a VW from a colleague the other day, and the way lane assist and lane changes work is so much better than in my Model 3 (without the full autopilot package, but with the autosteer beta):
When you turn lane assist on, you see on the screen a symbol of a car inside its lane. When it "locks" in its lane, the symbol turns green. When you try and change lanes without using the turn signal, it will give you the usual warnings, and tries to steer you back so that it can lock you in the lane again.

The big difference is, that when I use the turn signal, there is not sound, but the symbol turns from green to orange, and you have control, to allow you to make the lane change (but lane-assist stays active!). Then after you made your lane change, and you are back in the middle of your new lane, it will lock in the new lane (no sound!), and the symbol will change back from orange to green, and the car "takes control" again.

I have noticed that this is extremely comfortable, because it is like a perfect blend between lane-assist / autosteer and the driver.

I have not got the auto lane change functionality, but it would be so much of an improvement to the current functionality, of lane-assist would not completely switch off when you make a lane change.


Supporting Member
Supporting Member
Feb 2, 2021

I always wonder why a UI design has to make people get worked up about choices made for them, that are so obviously a matter of personal preference or situation ( Is the stereo playing loudly? Do I have napping passengers in the car?).

There is no reason* why there can't be a deep configuration menu that lets users customize each AP setting, sound, icon & font size, colors and contrast etc. Allow them to to tweak everything to their liking - and then save customization profiles, like Dave's Commute, Dave's Bad Weather Drive, Family Errands and so on, so that the deep menu dive never has to be accessed during live driving. I'm also a big fan of voice commands for random and eyes-not-required access to detailed settings.

So I'd lobby for you to tweet Elon with "Can you make the chimes volume adjustable?" instead of "Set it the way I want it".

*Well, the reason these days is that they hire a UI design team who feel very artistic, and want to push a distinctive design style aka "ethos" or "design language" that doesn't take into account the wide variability of customers' preferences, age, hearing, eyesight or use-case environment.​


Aug 5, 2019
Too loud and I have joe mode active. And I don't like all of the chimes, rings and dings. I'd rather some high pitch female voice (sexy voice) giving me info. Can we have it configurable? Can we program the different alert sounds?

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