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game controller

  1. R

    Expired Jouwa Wireless Gaming Controller Set (2) - $70 shipped [Expired]

    This thread is for the general discussion of the marketplace listing Jouwa Wireless Gaming Controller Set (2) - $70 shipped. Please add to the discussion here.
  2. Frizzle Fry

    Nintendo controller compatibility

    I tried connecting both my Nintendo Pro Controller and SNES Online controller to my 2021 Model Y (2022.44.25.3) and failed in case anyone is wondering about compatibility. I tried connecting via USB-C cable to the centre console and also tried to pair the controllers to the car wirelessly. The...
  3. Jowua

    Vendor Steam launching on Tesla? When, and how to get ready for it

    I’ve yet to meet a Tesla owner who isn’t a gamer. Steam’s integration into Teslas would be insane, driving the EV experience to a whole new level. Well, we’re not there yet, but we know it’s coming. Given what we know now about EVs (delays, chip shortages), patience is a virtue. Steam, a...
  4. M

    2022.28 added games back (USB in glovebox required), has given up bluetooth connection?

    As per release notes: 2022.28.2 Official Tesla Release Notes - Software Updates So those have 2021/2022 model 3/Y without USB-C data can now have Sonic and Cat Quest, but need to plug in game controllers in the glovebox... It looks like Tesla has given up the plan to add the bluetooth game...

    Vendor Discover More Fun on Your Tesla with TPARTS!

    Hi TMC Members, We are TPARTS, and we are Tesla Owners too! After being disappointed too many times by inconsistent aftermarket accessories on the market, we decided to make our own! After almost three years in the making, TPARTS has become the top tier Tesla accessories supplier in China...
  6. B

    Smartphone as Game Controller? Sonic the Hedgehog!

    Wanted to play the Sonic the HedgeHog game, but it requires a game controller to use. Seems logical and simpler that you could just use your iPhone or Android device to act as a game controller...and everyone already has one. No buying a new controller. Don't know if this has been discussed or...
  7. skyline

    Vendor Skyline Introduces the Best Accessory for Model Y & 3 Interior!

    We are proud to release yet another unique and innovative product – the Skyline Console Insert with USB Hub! This fits all Model 3 and Model Y vehicles! The insert is offered in two configurations to meet your specific needs: cup holder or storage tray. Check out the video to see it...
  8. F

    Beach Buggy Racing 2 with XBOX One Controller

    As with 2019.28.x Beach Buggy Racing 2 has received an extension that a game controller can be used to play this game, time had come to buy a game controller. My PlayStation 3 controller did not work. Searching of TMC and other forums did not give a clear advise on which controller to use. I...
  9. Nick's Life

    Detailed Review of Software Update 2018.48.12.1

    I received 2018.48.12.1 software update. Here's my video review - It includes a new "Keep Climate On" (Camp) mode that allows you to fix the temperature for long period of time and then it will only turn off when your battery has 20% of power left. Before this if you closed your doors and put...