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  1. LargeHamCollider

    Retro-fitting HEPA filter in Model Y

    This thread is to explore the feasibility of retro-fitting HEPA filters to Model Ys that were manufactured without HEPA filters standard. I don't own a Model Y but my parents have one that was manufactured in December 2020. My mom is quite sensitive to pollen and other particulate and I'd like...
  2. A

    Does the 2021 Model X come with a HEPA filter?

    I saw the option to purchase a HEPA filter on the Tesla website for $500. Is this just for replacement? 1. Does the 2021 Model X come with a HEPA filter installed? Or do you have to buy one and install it after delivery? 2. How do I check if my car has a HEPA filter installed? Is there a...
  3. NoMoGas

    2014 MS Added HEPA/BioWeapons Defense Mode/Refresh/Interior

    So just finished my massive upgrade project for my 2014 model S. - OEM refresh front bumper cover and hood with custom latch - Auto open/close front trunk - Upgraded to LED headlights - Added HEPA system with bioweapons defense mode - Added motorized charge port - Upgraded to 2020 interior -...
  4. Mr. Decaf

    HEPA Filter Kits

    Has anyone tried the HEPA filter kits? Do they work well? Are replacement filters readily available and easy to change?
  5. cucubits

    Facelift S - Cabin Air Filter with/without HEPA Filter

    For the life of me I can't find a clear answer on this and I'd like to know before I start digging through the car. I'm trying to figure out if an S that comes with the big filter (bioweapon defense mode) does also have a smaller cabin air filter? If it does, can I just order replacements from...
  6. Mergoscia

    Hepa filter voor M3?

    Heeft iemand een Europese verkoper van Hepa filters voor model 3 gevonden? In the US is er nu een verkopende partij, maar invoeren vind ik een beetje teveel van het goede.
  7. S

    HEPA Filter

    Hi all New to the forum. Just bought a Model X 2020. I thought Bioweapon Defense Mode was standard in the model X. But it looks to be an upgrade. Is this worth it? My sons have really bad allergies and anything to make it better would be helpful. Thanks in advance.
  8. David29

    Has the Model S HVAC system been upgraded over time?

    Does anyone know for certain whether or not, and if so how, the Model S HVAC system might have been upgraded over time? We all know that Tesla does frequent improvements without telling us, ranging from minor to possibly more significant. But I wonder if the HVAC system has been improved from...
  9. E

    HEPA filters value

    Hello forum. I'm new here and looking for a used Model S 75 or higher with Dual Motors under $50k. I've noticed that some facelifted cars come with HEPA filter and wanted to know if anyone had experience with and without it. Is there is a significant value added to a car with HEPA? Thanks.
  10. J

    Aftermarket HEPA for Model 3??

    Is anyone aware of an aftermarket HEPA air filter that fits the Model 3? My understanding is that bioweapon defense mode is really just an automatic setting to set it to fan speed 10 (or 11). If so, I figured someone had produced an aftermarket HEPA that would fit the Model 3.
  11. S

    How is your Model 3 doing filtering out the smoke from the forest fires?

    The massive Camp fire in Butte County in northern California (currently 70,000 acres) that sprung up yesterday has made air quality in Northern Calif very poor. It's something like 150 miles from San Francisco but yesterday areas down to Palo Alto on the Peninsula were being affected. Today the...
  12. Farzinfar

    Hepa Filter Biodefense Model Upgrade and Option Code

    Hello everybody While I am still wondering how someone disconnected a Tesla wall connector from my car while charging (Read more here please: Tesla wall connector issue), I have one question about the upgrade I made to my car this week. Yesterday, Tesla upgraded my Model S with normal filter...
  13. S

    HEPA/Biodefense in Model 3?

    Does anyone know if Elon has been asked about including HEPA/biodefense in Model 3s at some point? We have it in our S and really would like it in our 3 if it becomes available. Might even be willing to wait to place our order if it does, especially if we can get sunroof and SAS. Unfortunately I...
  14. krazineurons

    What air filter comes with non PUP?

    Trying to figure out if the non PUP version has the same 10x larger airfilter, if not, how effective is the non PUP one?
  15. K

    Fan noise at startup: HEPA?

    Has anyone noticed a fairly loud fan noise when the car first resumes from sleep? It seems to originate from the dash, which makes me suspect the HEPA air filter. It occurs while parked, so I doubt it's the motor. The noise is rather loud, and somewhat ruins the tranquility of an electric...