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hitch receiver

  1. O

    2023 Model 3LR NO tow hitch cutout ?!

    Hi everyone, first time posting on TMC, I just took delivery of my 2023 model 3 LR and ordered a tow hitch to use for trailering and my bike rack. I saw multiple videos on how to install the tow hitch, only problem is that my 2023 doesn't have the OEM cutout for the hitch receiver!! What should...
  2. L

    Hitching dirt bikes with model y

    Anyone using their model y to hitch dirt bikes? I ordered a class 3 hitch with 350 lbs tongue weight. My dirt bike is around 230 lbs
  3. M

    2022 X class iii hitch receiver vertical wt limit

    It looks like the manual may have not been updated recently in regards to model X towing. Towing package has been standard since 2017. Did the model X 2022 refresh keep everything the same with hitch receiver? Is it any stronger? Can it carry more vertical weight than the manual says? Thule...
  4. T

    Model X aftermarket hitch receiver options

    OK, I know I'm rehashing this whole topic but I'm trying to figure out some details about doing an aftermarket hitch receiver on a Refresh Model X. The hitch receiver that Tesla provides is limited to 120 pounds of vertical weight (reference page 93 of the current manual), which doesn't work for...
  5. limmerguy

    Road trip with the Thule Cargo Hitch Box (Transporter Combi)

    Hi All, I wanted to document a recent 2,200 mile road trip with my Thule hitch-mounted cargo box for anyone who is interested. Notes: 2018 Tesla Model 3 Long Range RWD with 18" Aero wheels. 5.8% battery degredation. Roughly 70 kWh usable at 100% SoC. Stealth Hitches hitch with trailer package...
  6. M

    Sold 2020 OEM Tesla Model X Hitch Receiver and Hitch with Keys + Case

    As title states, I bought a bike rack that did not fit the OE hitch so I replaced it with a Draw Tite. This hitch has only been on the car for ~ 1,500 miles or so and never towed anything. Only thing it was used for was transporting a 2-bike carrier. The green stuff on the Bosal is the OE grease...
  7. kornelyus

    My MY delivery experience at Rocklin, CA delivery center

    I picked up my MY last Saturday, white exterior, black interior, dual-motor, long range, 19" wheels, hitch option. It was ordered Dec 2019. VIN=20xxx. This is my first Tesla. I was armed with three checklists and ready to reject the car if there were any serious issues. My wife and I combed...
  8. M

    Hitch options in Utah

    My model 3 is currently scheduled for delivery later this week. I've been researching options for carrying my bikes. I would love to have a hitch to use with my current bike rack, but so far the hitch option is only available in Europe. However, I've found some hitches offered online...
  9. Torklift Central

    Vendor Celebrating Electric Vehicles This September!

    It’s that time of year again - National Drive Electric Week! This event originally started to heighten the awareness of today’s widespread availability of plug-in electric vehicles and the benefits of owning an eco-friendly car. In celebration of this event, we are having our annual National...
  10. T

    Question for folks with EcoHitch installed on Model S

    Hi everyone, I recently got an EcoHitch installed on my 2016 Model S. For those of you who have had this or a similar hitch installed on your Model S, how do you protect the underside of your vehicle? The L shaped hitch protrudes from the bottom of the car for which the installer had to cut out...
  11. T

    Bike Racks or Hitch Rack/System Ideas for MS

    Hi everyone, I am curious as to what bike racks do folks highly recommend for use with the Model S? Please let me know the brand name and model number for a 2 or more bike rack that worked well for you. Currently I have a Thule Bike Rack but its getting old and I am wondering if there are...
  12. cstromme

    Do new Model X' come with a box for the towing hitch receiver?

    Someone mentioned that new Model X' with the towing package comes with a box for the hitch receiver. Anybody here heard anything about it? Anybody got a photo of the box?