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hov sticker

  1. B

    How to stick old HOV stickers on the new bumper

    My Model 3 bumper had to be replaced and I had to apply for replacement CA HOV stickers, which could take as long as 3 months. I did not use any protection films when I applied the original stickers on the bumper, so when I peeled them off, I only got the top layer film of the sticker which has...
  2. tfraley

    Purple Hov Sticker

    Hey guys, I'm on the fence about applying the HOV sticker here in Los Angeles. It's purple and I have a blue model 3 As others would say in LA it would be great to carpool alone. However, there are so many teslas no it's not like the carpool is that empty anymore. I have picked up some...
  3. S

    Is 2016 used model X from New Jersey allowed for CA HOV decal?

    Hi Peeps, I am planning to but a 2016 Model X from New Jersey. I really like the car and I was wondering if that car is eligible for HOV decal in California ? Thanks !
  4. henchook

    Too many colors! (HOV Access stickers)

    We're all for Pride in California, but this is going too far. It's time to end the madness. This is fast becoming a management nightmare. There are no less than five different HOV stickers with different colors, and they all require that you place four stickers on your car, front & back...
  5. ishareit

    CA - how to fill reg1000 form to convert white HOV stickers to new ones

    I got my original white HOV stickers around end of 2017 and never received a pre-filled application from DMV to get replacement stickers. I read the following DMV article but am having a hard time figuring out how to fill the form correctly to get my white decals upgraded to the new purple...
  6. D

    Need Solid Tips on Removing CA HOV Stickers

    There are many things that I do not regret in life. Getting married, having kids, purchasing a multi-coat red Tesla Model S 75D. These are all major milestones in my life that I have no regrets over. I do however have one colossal regret in my life. I put those hideous white CA HOV stickers...
  7. S

    New 2019 California HOV stickers are PURPLE!

    Just read that the new 2019 (1/1/19 - 1/1/23) HOV stickers are Purple. :eek: of all colors. Guess I'm glad I have a white car that I was going to be applying for a sticker for. California's New Purple HOV Sticker To Debut In January 2019
  8. S

    New red CA HOV Decal last until January 1, 2022?

    Just saw the wording here, not sure if it's recently updated since I've been reading that it'll expire 1/1/2019 Clean Air Vehicle Decals - High Occupancy Vehicle Lane Usage In March 2018, the department began issuing a new single-color red decal for qualifying vehicles pursuant to CVC §§5205.5...
  9. M

    California DMV - Plates & HOV Stickers

    Greetings, We've noticed that a couple of the Founders Series cars have similar-looking license plate numbers, as if they came from a block of plates acquired at the same time. I'm wondering whether Tesla is streamlining the registration process somehow in general, or if this is just...