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  1. LeeStafford11

    Weirdness with AP/Nav after single lane use...

    tl;dr I drive home every day via multiple freeways and there is a section where there is an HOV 'flyover' lane and I use it every day that I can. My issue is that when I use AP/NAV together I have to briefly drop out of AP to make the transition to the flyover lane (the Tesla Nav will not...
  2. V

    FSBO: 2018 White Model 3 Long Range RWD, EAP, 19” $40K

    Hi, I’m selling my White 2018 Tesla Model 3 Long Range RWD with 19” wheels and Enhanced Autopilot. I love the car and it drives like a dream. However, I need more space to carry the kids arounds. I took delivery of the car in July 2018, I am the only owner, and the car is paid off. In July...
  3. B

    CA HOV/Caprool NOA Issue

    I'm running 2020.36.10 HW3 with "green light chime" on and "stay in passing lane" on, and wondering if anybody else has this issue or if there is a known fix for it. Tried a hard reset (steering wheel + brake) a couple times with no resolve. I have the same daily commute on the 405 FWY from...
  4. NoMoGas

    CA Purple HOV lane stickers, anyone have an extra small one?

    No longer needed. Couldnt delete thread
  5. GolanB

    High Occupancy Vehicle Lanes (HOV) Verrazano-Narrows Bridge

    A colleague of mine recently was under the impression that he was allowed to drive in the HOV lanes to get across the VNB but got stopped for SPEEDING and driving in the HOV Lane. He informed the officer that he thought he was allowed to operate in the HOV lane, and the officer told him this...
  6. henchook

    Too many colors! (HOV Access stickers)

    We're all for Pride in California, but this is going too far. It's time to end the madness. This is fast becoming a management nightmare. There are no less than five different HOV stickers with different colors, and they all require that you place four stickers on your car, front & back...
  7. FlyErik

    Putting plastic/vinyl UNDER your HOV stickers.....?

    I was trying to figure out a way NOT to destroy or damage the beautiful paint on my M3 and wondered what would happen if I took a thick ziploc baggie, cut the plastic SLIGHTLY smaller than each HOV sticker, and then applied it.... This might only leave an outline if I decide to remove the...
  8. S

    Calif. HOV stickers for cars applying 1st time for program (in 2019)

    Having recently taken delivery of my new Model 3, which will sometimes be used on the highway in the HOV lanes, I was wondering whether it made sense to apply now for the remaining time left in 2018 or wait for a new program sticker for 2019 and get a full year out of the new program. Found this...
  9. A

    Not sticking HOV stickers

    I have the HOV sticker for CA in the glove box for a while. I could not have heart to put them on the shiny bumper. What would happen if cop pulls you and show him? Did anybody experience something similar ? Secondly when the toll roads say HOV only during some busy time, is it OK to drive if...
  10. A

    SoCal HOV on the 10 and 110 free as of March'14

    Not sure if this has already been mentioned or noticed, however despite having White or Green Decals, those using the HOV lanes on the 10 and 110 in SoCal still had to pay Fastrak fees due to these new HOV lanes being exempted to 'evaluate traffic'. According to Assembly Bill 2405, the exemption...
  11. Bill D

    Florida HOV sticker placement?

    I just picked up my Florida HOV sticker so I can drive alone in HOV lanes. This seemed like a no-brainer for $7 per year. This big rectangular sticker has a peel-off backing that says "PLACE ON LOWER RIGHT CORNER OF VEHICLE REAR WINDOW", but the curved MS rear window doesn't really have a...
  12. TheAustin

    Various HOV Lane sticker application methods

    Like many people, I was horrified about the idea of placing NY State Clean Pass stickers on my Model S, even though it would let me use the High Occupancy Vehicle Lane of the Long Island Expressway by myself, whenever I wanted to. So, I came up with a solution that has worked out very well...