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  1. M

    Tesla’s +$255Bn Home Charger “CarBnB” Opportunity

    Was wondering if it might make sense for Tesla to consider making owners' home chargers and parking spots in high demand areas available for rent when the owner isn't using them. So as a holiday project I threw together a financial model, interactive Figma user experience mock up, and partial...
  2. M

    MY Wheel Covers

    Hi All - Long time reader, first time poster here....I am in love with my MY, recently drove it from North NJ to HHI, SC. One thing I went back and forth on when purchasing were the wheels. I have the base 19" Gemini with the ugly wheel covers. I told myself at time of purchase, they were...
  3. WattTheHeck

    Would be cool if you could earn FSD upgrade through referral program.

    Does anyone else think this would be a cool option? Instead of free supercharging mile you could choose to put a referral towards reducing the cost of FSD until you get it for free or just at a lower price. Just a thought. Would be cool if the referral program was more game-like where you could...
  4. S

    Possibly how they are getting the Roadster to 620 mi range

    So I noticed in the demo they gave for the Roadster that the frunk and trunk were unaccessible. That leads me to believe that that is where they shoved all the extra batteries needed to get the roadster up to 620 miles of range. But that of course will not work for the production version, so...

    A/C, cold feet - idea.

    If the hardware allows, it would be nice to blend the Dash - Face - Feet vents as a slider top to bottom (instead of 3 buttons) or slider for each better. Maybe not too common, but wearing sandals here - feet freeze and afraid they'll crack if I hit a Fire Truck (kidding of course). But I can't...
  6. Clprenz

    Sonos sound systems and Tesla

    I have been a huge Sonos fan, and own almost everything they make (new playbar is awesome!). But when I heard that the Model S sound package isn't that great I was disappointed. But, then I thought, "Tesla should team up with sonos!". Since the Model S has 3G it could really optimize what sonos...