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j1772 adapter

  1. A

    Passthru charging with CSS combo 1 adapter

    Can/will this replace the SAE J1772 Charging Adapter? Can I plug in only the J1772 cable into the CCS Combo 1 and have it behave just as the SAE J1772 Charging Adapter does so I don't have to carry both? -Matt
  2. M3P_BC

    J1772 adapter melted

    So I was using an EVGo L2 charger at my gym just now for my M3 and was charging for about 3 hours. I came back and unplugged the charger, but noticed it was really hot. I’ve charged at different L2s before and never came back to a hot charger. I didn’t think much of it, so I left to go to...
  3. asmith305

    Stolen J1772 Adapter

    I had my J1772 charging adapter stolen from my M3 yesterday while charging at a public station at the Domain in Austin, TX. I'm pretty shocked by this because two security features failed during this incident in my opinion. I was under the impression that the adapter would always be locked in...
  4. T

    What to do when no Nema 14-50 adapters available?

    My tesla also came with a J1172 adapter. Is there such a thing as a J1172 to Nema 14-50 adapter as an alternative until I can find a 14-50 adapter? Thanks.
  5. R

    New Tesla Model 3 Owner - J1772 adapter

    I purchased a model C yesterday and go on vacation Saturday, anyone in the South Bend, Indiana area have a J1772 adapter they will sell me or loan me one for a week? Thanks in advance.
  6. Cruz84

    FS: Corded Mobile Connector, SAE J1772 Charging Adapter, and Gen 1 NEMA 14-50 Adapter

    Corded Mobile Connector, SAE J1772 Charging Adapter, and Gen 1 NEMA 14-50 Adapter. All three $500 shipped PayPal plus fees mobile connector used a few times before getting a wall connector
  7. H

    Gen 2 UMC in SoCal

    Selling a used Gen 2 UMC. Used twice, no longer needed. Looks like new. $230 picked up in SoCal or $250 shipped anywhere in US. Would trade for a Gen 3 18’ Charger plus cash on my end (local only) if you want the J1772 adapter add $80. Sells for 275 new plus tax and shipping from Tesla w/o...
  8. Tes*la*rosa

    J1772 adapter, brand new

    $80 or best offer. Can deliver within 25 mile radius of Yucaipa/Calimesa CA.
  9. arnolddeleon

    3/Y seem to wake up/unlock charge port now by pressing J1772 release button

    After one of the recent software releases (definitely with 2020.24.6.1), our 3 and Y seem to wake up and unlock the charge port when the J1772 button is pressed. There is slight pause as the car wakes up and you need to have proximity key that would unlock the car nearby (e.g. phone key) but...
  10. trnunes

    New Tesla owner w/J1772 concerns

    Hi, everyone! I'm a brand spanking new Tesla owner (a used S70D). I wanted to say "Hi!", and also bounce a question off everyone (which, if it's a stupid question with an obvious answer, my apologies in advance, being a 'newbie')...... Has anyone had any issues with their J1772 adapter going...
  11. Treetop235

    Tesla charging with CCS adapter... coming soon?

    I have been looking at alternatives to Tesla’s Superchargers, as there are times I am somewhere there isn’t one. The adapter that came with my M3 works withChargePoint, and some others, but not with some. From what I have read, CCS is the fastest growing port, and used by Blink to mention one...
  12. A

    Model 3 and J1772 charging issue

    I have an interesting puzzle to solve. Please let me know if you encountered something similar or if you have an idea about what's going on. I have a Tesla Model 3. Here is what doesn't work, the main issue: + When I try to charge my model 3 with my home charger, a J1772 plug with a tesla...
  13. M

    Hiding Your J Plug in Center Console

    Title pretty much says it, but here's how I made this "discovery:" The center console that flips open (to hold tapes, maybe?) lets thing fall forward to the cup holder area. Some things slide back under and area a pain to retrieve. I didn't want to carry around my whole charge kit and realized...
  14. TSAccessorize

    J1772 Adapter For Tesla Model S, X, 3,

    New J1772 Adapter have 2 in stock $70.00 Shipped
  15. nitram26

    Using L2 Charger J1772 Adapter tips

    Hello.. Just picked up my MS Friday!!.. I upgraded from a Volt and have a L2 charger already in my garage. My plan was to just purchase the J1772 adapter and use that for my daily charger. What i found to be a issue/inconvenience is I'm told that in order to unlock the adapter from the charge...
  16. D

    WTB J1772 Adapter

    Retail $95. Let me know if you have one you dont need. Thanks!
  17. rmackay9

    SAE J1772 adapter - 遅いから意味無い?

    I see that besides the CHAdeMo chargers, the Toyota chargers which use J1772 can be found here and there. In Karuizawa for example, there are 5 at the Prince shopping mall. I don't have a pressing need to be able to use these chargers but the adapter is cheap (10,000 yen) and so I was...
  18. invisik

    Tesla to J1772 adapter

    Hi, Forgive me if this was discussed before, I searched a bit but could not locate anything on it. Can a Telsa to J1772 adapter be built? It appears the J1772 to Tesla adapter is just connecting the wires to the proper terminals... could it go the other way? Not sure how the pilot signal and...