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  1. C

    Key Fob availability in US

    I bought a MYLR in June 2023 and I'm still waiting for the key fob to be restocked so that I can purchase one for my car. However, I have no idea when they will restock the key fob. I tried asking a mobile service technician and people at a showroom, but it seems like no one knows. I wonder if...
  2. D

    2016 Model S Key fob buttons don't work

    For as long as I've had my 2016 Model S (6 months), the key fob's buttons have never worked. When I have it in my pocket and approach the car, the car opens fine. Because of this, it really hasn't been too big of an issue. I did take apart the key to see if there was some corrosion, but it...
  3. G

    Tesla keyfob with Apple Airtag

    I dont actually know if this is related to Airtag, but after few monts wearing keyfob with Airtag, key started to work incorrectly. Autopresent still work and it can start a car. But buttons are unresponsive. Check few batteries, still same thing. Airtag and Model X keyfob both use Bluetooth LE.
  4. G

    Phone Key not auto-presenting handles, but Fob does?

    I've got a 2021 Plaid S and prior to the 2021.44.25.2 update everything was working just fine. Now with my phone key the handles do not auto-present, but the pressure sensor method works fine. The keyfobs both cause the correct auto-present behavior. I've tried the two-scrollwheel reset...
  5. A

    Tesla Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) API Documentation

    Hey, I recently reverse engineered Tesla's BLE protocol which is used by (model 3 + y) keyfobs, the phone key, tire pressure sensors, and possibly more! I had a very fun time reverse engineering the Android app, and figuring out how cryptography even works; yes there's good cryptography...
  6. digitalboi

    GARAGE CLEAN OUT SALE! Good stuff, Great deals! Let's talk!

    Hey TMC Peeps! I am cleaning out my garage and trying to get rid of stuff I've been holding onto to make more room for our new MY whenever it gets delivered (another story) No reasonable offers will be refused! All items are used unless otherwise noted. Will PM you pictures if you are...
  7. L

    Model 3 KeyFob to unlock charge port

    I got the Model 3 KeyFob last year and I have only recently discoverers that if you long press (2 Seconds) the boot open button this will unlock the charger port allowing you to pull the cable out without first having to go into the car or app. It’s not very well documented (The Model3 manual...
  8. cvonken

    Sentry Mode activeert Bluetooth carkit?

    Sentry Mode: sinds de introductie ervan, bemerk ik dat mijn telefoon regelmatig via Bluetooth connect met de carkit vd Tesla, ondanks ik binnen ben, dat de auto op slot is en de keyfob ver uit de buurt. Zojuist weer: ik ben binnen aan het bellen en plop, Bluetooth neemt het - als headset - over...
  9. edgar_T

    Trunk does not open unless I place my phone near the front/passenger doors

    Model 3, 2018.50.6, iPhone XS, Tesla app version 3.8.1 This has been happening for many months. Any time that I walk up to my Model 3 from the rear the trunk does not unlock. This also affects the charger, as I am unable to remove the charger unless the car detects my phone. I have to walk to...
  10. 16Forest

    Model X Key Fob Passenger Door

    I just picked up my Model X car last week and I can’t figure out how to only open my front passenger door with the key fob. I do know how to open the drivers side by double click top then double click for passenger. But is there a way to open only the front passenger door by itself with the key...
  11. nikhil726

    FS: Model 3 Key Fob

    I have 4 Model 3 Key Fobs for sale. Looking for $235 shipped. Will ship immediately. Feel free to text me at 609-819-6492 if you have any questions.
  12. PaulV

    Iemand al een nieuwe (veiligere) keyfob MS?

    De 2018.32.4 update maakt het mogelijk om ook een pincode in te stellen, best mooi maar ik ben er nog niet over uit of ik nu passive entry weer ga aanzetten. Nu las ik in dit artikel: Tesla is rolling out extra layer of security with ‘improved cryptography’ key fob and optional ‘PIN to Drive’...
  13. C

    Keyfob Washing Machine

    Yea, I forgot my keyfob was in my fleece pocket (instead of my jacket pocket). It got above 20F and I decided I didn't need my heavy jacket and simultaneously forgot to remove my keyfob before doing a load. It was in there for about an hour and I found it in standing water at the bottom of the...
  14. Jonas_man

    Tesla keyfob in an app (i made)

    Today i released another app to the AppStore. This app is for those who don't want to use the keyfob but instead use the today extension and TouchID to unlock and start the car or to lock it. The app costs 2$/€ You can check the app in action in this video: Appstore: Key for Tesla on the...
  15. fasteddie7

    I thought I had a standard keyfob

    My wife and I went to a Tesla social event today where we got to talking about keyfob sleeves. Some folks showed their red and blue sleeves, while others showed their fobs, when I realized mine didn't look anything like theirs, I pulled it out and everyone was surprised to not have seen that...
  16. umeshunni

    Keyfob functions

    I thought I knew all about what the Keyfob can do, but I find myself learning a new trick every week or so. So, I thought I'd share what I know to see if others knew these and whether they have things to add Single click: - Single click on the top of the fob closes all doors and locks the car -...