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  1. P

    Cameras not accessible from the app

    I have a Tesla model Y and use my car in Switzerland, where I live. The manual says the following: "To access Live Camera from the Tesla app, tap 'Security' > 'Sentry Mode' > 'View live camera." I have done that but cannot access my cameras, when outside my car, from the app. Is anyone...
  2. CCANActionFund

    Vendor Win a $135k Model X or S Plaid. Support a Small Climate Change Nonprofit.

    Our nonprofit, Chesapeake Climate Action Network (CCAN) Action Fund, is hosting its 4th Annual EV Raffle For The Climate. This year we’re raffling a custom-build Tesla worth up to $135,990 or you can choose the super-hard-to-find Rivian electric truck, with immediate delivery. No waiting...
  3. W

    CT - petition to allow Tesla to do business in Connecticut

    Attn: Ct Tesla Owners please go to this address and sign the online petition to the State Legislature. Sign your name to bring Tesla to CT
  4. S

    Tesla still fighting in Missouri

    Saw this article in the St. Louis Post-Dispatch today. Looks like the Missouri Auto Dealers Association has a new Senate Bill 872 they hope to get passed that will allow them to fight Tesla with. Auto dealers renew fight against Tesla in Jefferson City From the article - it says Tesla in...
  5. ohmman

    California AB 1745 -- "Clean Cars 2040 Act"

    In January, Assemblyperson Phil Ting introduced this bill which intends to limit original registrations of vehicles after the year 2040 to Zero Emissions Vehicles only. It is intended as a phase-out bill and therefore doesn't currently place limitations on people bringing an ICE from out of...
  6. tinm

    Updates on SB 255, a new pro-Tesla bill introduced in 2018 New Mexico legislative session

    This thread will be a place-holder for news and updates about SB 255, introduced yesterday in the state legislature in Santa Fe, NM. Here's the page with info on and the text of the bill: Legislation - New Mexico Legislature I'm expecting a hearing next Thursday Feb 8. More details to follow.
  7. Bebop

    Autonomous Vehicles Legislation (U.S)

    Great news for Autonomous Vehicles today. U.S. House of Representatives passes new bipartisan self-driving car bill
  8. GasKilla

    California bill to impose a $165 EV Road Use Fee

    Plug In America That link will take you to a site where you can contact your representatives to oppose the proposed bills.
  9. M

    Building Support for Direct Sales in Arizona

    A bill has been introduced in the Arizona House to allow direct sales of Tesla in Arizona. I am hoping to build support from Arizona enthusiasts for legislation that will remedy this problem. Most owners are aware that current Arizona law forbids consumers from buying directly buy from Tesla...
  10. R

    Capstone Paper on Tesla vs Texas Automobile Dealers Association

    Hey everyone, I am new here, but for my capstone paper in my senior year at UT, I wanted to write a paper about the ongoing debate on if Tesla should have a dealership license here in Texas. I wanted to come to this forum where their were experts and supporters of Tesla to ask for some...
  11. M

    Ways to Support Direct Sales of Tesla

    A bill that would have allowed direct sales of Teslas in Arizona just died in our state legislature and I am pissed. It offends my sense of what free-choice and capitalism means. I am aware that Arizona isn't the only state to deny direct sales. While efforts to correct this miscarriage...