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  1. U

    Issue with text messages not displaying contact names just numbers

    Hi folks so I have iOS 15, and Tesla software version 2021.36.8.8. I am getting this persistent issue of text messages from known contacts not displaying the names, rather just their phone numbers. I’ve disconnected my phone nd repaired, and reboot my car. Any ideas folks.
  2. Ostrichsak

    Quick PSA About Changing the Key Fob Battery & "Key Fob Battery Low" Error Message

    If/when you get the "key fob low battery" I would recommend the following as best practices: 1) Change not one but BOTH (or all three if you got a 3rd) batteries at the same time. They should last about a year and (if you buy them right) they're not super expensive. I found that you can get 4...
  3. W

    Received messages sometimes shows the wrong contact and associated message

    I searched around and didn't see any other posts on this so wanted to post about my experience with it. Picked up my M3P in mid March with 2019.35.108 which did not have the messaging feature in it. Once my software updated to 2020.8.2 I was happy to see the messaging feature was available and...
  4. fasteddie7

    Charging problems or weather related?

    I might be having a charging issue...not sure. When I got home last night after a snow/rainy hour commute, I brought my charger to the port and pressed the button. It opened but the lights didn't come on and the little tab that was in there clicked a few times. After that it finally lit up...
  5. TjckTock

    Should I see text messages in the "Messages" window?

    I am probably imagining it but I could have sworn when I first tested the new text messaging commands, VoiceComand:"Messages" would pop up a window with recent text messages that I could then select and respond to using voice comands. Now it only shows recent phone calls. Is this how it works...
  6. fasteddie7

    Anyone Experienced This Service Message

    My 2016.5 75D 66k miles has this bizarre issue that no one seems to know what it's caused by. Once every few days sometimes about a week a car needs service message pops up for less than a second followed by a short alert tone. The service center has checked the logs and saw where the message...
  7. jsollender

    iPhone Integration, or lack thereof....messaging notification bluetooth

    So have the 90D X for 5 days and notice that Bluetooth connects just fine to my iphone 6. I keep the phone dongled to charge cable out of routine. So a new message (blue imessage or green/other) comes in and I feel the phone vibrate, but no noise through car stereo for notification. Short of...
  8. FarmerDave

    Replace Key Fob Battery Message Won't Go Away

    When I got in my X today, the instrument panel displayed this message: I have: 1. Replaced the batteries in both key fobs with new ones. 2. Brought both fobs into the car. 3. Reset the instrument panel. 4. Reset the touch screen console. 5. Powered the car off and on. 6. Called Tesla Tech...