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  1. diplomat33

    Mobileye's taxonomy to replace the SAE Levels

    Mobileye published a blog that details their new proposed taxonomy for autonomous driving that they introduced at CES. They propose 4 axes: (i) Eyes-on/Eyes-off (ii) Hands-on/Hands-off (iii) Driver versus No-driver (iv) MRM requirement You get 4 categories that can be actual products: 1)...
  2. S

    Looking for detailed commentary on Cruise, Waymo, Mobileye, Tesla approaches and technology

    Has anyone come across a reasonably detailed comparison of the state of the self-driving tech of the major players (and others)? Something that's: Detailed and technical (i.e., goes beyond "Waymo is Geofenced" or vision vs LiDAR). Broken down to the subcomponents - perception, decision making...
  3. pl804

    2014 Model S85 Blue Metallic: 33K mi., XPEL, 8 yr warranty + maint, supercharging, extras

    Hi TMC, I'm selling my Model S 85. It includes a number of extras, so is not a good fit for someone looking for the bare minimum. If, on the other hand, you are looking for a well-appointed Model S, this could be what you're looking for. I can show the car to serious buyers in Palo Alto or...
  4. lunitiks

    The Tesla / Mobileye story

    So this is not exactly hot news... More like funeral memorial words :confused: I never really understood what happened between with Mobileye and Tesla. I mean truthfully: When and why did they actually decide to break up? Who took the initiative? Why would Mobileye want to leave Tesla, with...
  5. fasteddie7

    Update and autopilot disabling itself

    After the newest firmware update I've noticed autopilot automatically disabling itself in construction zones. I travel this road daily and I have never experienced it before the last two days.
  6. lunitiks

    MobilEye's approach

    A very impressive and thought provoking talk by MobilEye CEO at CES 2017. Warning: Long video
  7. davidc18

    Intel buys self-driving tech firm Mobileye for $15.3 billion

    News: Intel buys self-driving tech firm Mobileye for $15.3 billion
  8. Gouldness

    Aftermarket ADAS for MS? Like looking for a unicorn.

    Hello all, Long time reader first time poster. On the hunt for 3 things: 1: CPO S85 (Coming from a '12 Volt) 2: Staying remotely on budget (+/- 55k) 3: AutoPilot (v1.0) But fate & my budget says i can only have 2 of those 3 things. Alas my dilemma. Right now the difference in a normal CPO...
  9. fasteddie7

    New AP1 behavior

    I have a 41 mile commute (one way) over a ton of blind hills (where I lose sight until driving over the crest) and sharp curves in western Pennsylvania that I use autopilot HW1 for 90% of the drive. I have been recording my drive with each update and noticed improvements here and there. The car...
  10. jkliu47

    Tesla is dumping Mobileye???

    Mobileye shares plummet as company says partnership with Tesla will not continue
  11. Lex

    Autopilot slowed down driving towards a red light

    My Model S in full Autopilot initiated a deceleration towards a red light with no vehicles in front of it nor in the ajacent left lane. I cancelled in the last moments before seeing what would happen but it really was satisfying, if even just a sensor glitch, to see this promised capability "in...
  12. B

    V7.0 and Aftermarket Mobileye for "Classic"MS

    For those of us with a model s that is pre-auto pilot, one way to get some additional safety functionality is to do an aftermarket mobileye install that hooks into things like high beams and brakes on the MS. The problem is that with previous MS software updates, tesla has changed the software...
  13. B

    Mobileye retrofit for pre-autopilot MS

    Has any pre-autopilot MS owner (I.e., roughly before vin 50,XXX) done a mobileye retrofit lately? I'd love to get the auto high beam, collision warning and maybe adaptive cruise control (offered by some versions of mobileye), which are all absent from older MS's. I had hoped (as a tesla service...
  14. A

    Mobileye Installer in Seattle/Tacoma area

    Delivery end of June. Want to add a Mobileye as soon as Xpel etc is done. Have any of you had Mobileye installed in the area? Who installed yours, and would you recommend your installer?
  15. T

    Mobileye in Toronto Area

    I am waiting for my MS. From the forum at Tesla, I noticed that the reviews for Mobileye are excellent. I noticed that there are a few dealers in the Toronto area for Mobileye. I would like to have some recommendations from those of you who have installed Mobileye since I am very interested...
  16. A

    Mobileye-update active cruise control now working.

    There is enough information on mobile eye on the TMC which I will not repeat. The new change is that mobileye has brought out a new enhancement box (Nov 2013) to add to a standard mobileye 5 series system. This will also retrofit to an existing installation. The advantage of this enhancement box...