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model x configuration

  1. megazone

    Tesla Social Meetup in Dedham, MA - and seeing the Model X for the first time

    So this morning Tesla had a ‘social’ at their Dedham, MA showroom & service center for owners – and soon to be owners like myself. Basically it was two hours of informal presentations by a couple of the local Tesla people about what the company is doing (no real revelations if you’ve been...
  2. MrBoylan

    Model X Buyers Guide

    Hey, folks, With some of the odd questions I've seen and misinformation floating around, I decided to write up a Model X Buyer's Guide. It's basically just a high level view of Model X prices and options with a link to the video walkthrough of the design studio. If you have any feedback on it...
  3. MrBoylan

    Tesla Production Model X Design Studio Walkthrough Video

    Hey, folks, Since I'm hoping not to have access to the Model X Design Studio for too much longer, I decided to do a design studio walkthrough video, showing pricing and all the options. It's a long video (40 minutes!) as I go into some detail about the various options and provide some...
  4. Doogue

    Want My Model X Reservation? It's ready to configure now!!

    Hi all - I love the Model X. However, I don't need a 2nd car right now. My wife and I don't have kids and have relocated to NYC, so a 2nd ultra roomy vehicle like the X doesn't make sense for our needs. We'll be just fine with our 2014 Model S P90! I'm reservation #64 and was invited...
  5. engle

    From Inside Sales Rep: Latest News re: Signatures, Production Configuration, etc.

    Yesterday I emailed [email protected] to ask about "Chargergate" and whether or not we will have the option to upgrade Production X's to 72 amps (instead of 48) for faster destination charging. I received a phone call this morning from the same Inside Sales Rep that contacted gordonbremer...
  6. engle

    NEW Production "Tesla Leasing" "Tesla Lending" "Other Financing" "Cash" in myTesla

    I JUST GOT OFF THE PHONE WITH TESLA FINANCE. DO NOT APPLY FOR LEASING OR FINANCING YET - UNTIL THE CONFIGURATOR IS RELEASED!! This functionality was released prematurely. We aren't supposed to see it until after we configure, which auto-populates the "TOTAL VEHICLE PRICE" field. If you apply...
  7. engle

    Production X Configuration Options and Pricing Thread

    I created this thread in anticipation of "We will invite that next group of reservation holders to configure in the next few weeks" -- that's Production reservationists since all the Sigs have already been invited -- which would be no earlier than tomorrow (10/21/15) unless they are on Tesla...