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  1. Ostrichsak

    Took Delivery of MY LR in Colorado, No Gratis Mud Flaps & PPF?

    I'm curious what the deal is with this. I read some saying that some regions get these items installed gratis. Some said their MY had them installed already at delivery while others said that their SA informed them to schedule in the app to have them installed as they didn't have the parts at...
  2. Schmeltz318

    Rally Armors Mud Flaps for Model 3

    Hey everyone, I wanted to share my results with Rally Armors Mud Flaps for Model 3. After having the cheap $30 Chinese mud flaps for half a year and not liking the fitment and the contact they were make with the paint, I knew I needed something better. I wanted a quality product and good paint...
  3. D

    Model 3 and Rough Dirt Roads

    I'm considering replacing an old Mini Cooper with a Model 3 AWD, but I have some concerns. Every few weeks I need to travel to remote location in west Texas. This involves about 5 miles of county dirt roads, and a a quarter mile of rough private driveway. These roads are very dusty and...
  4. T

    Model X offroad capability

    Do you also think that the Model X is ideal for the field? :cool:
  5. Chrisizzle

    Model X Off Road (A real world review)

    I finally had time to finish the video of my off-road experience from Wyoming. I hope you enjoy and maybe pick up some useful info.
  6. fasteddie7

    Squeaking while driving after wash

    We had a bad rain last night and I drove through some thick mud and gravel near my house. My wheels and wells were caked this morning so I drove slowly to a nearby car wash and sprayed the mud off with the washer. For a few miles I could hear the remaining rocks and mud come out of places it...
  7. OConnorStP

    P85D on my muddy driveway - testing polarizing film on a cheap dash-cam

    Hi all, The dark blue P85D arrived a few days ago -- just in time for Spring Thaw up here in the tundra. So this is a two for one deal. Partly this is showing off how the car is when driving through spring-thaw mud on a pretty squishy private road. But my main objective was testing a piece...