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new battery

  1. U

    Is this Model S a good deal or keep looking?

    Hey everyone, we’re hoping to join the Tesla club in the near future. I’ve been searching for awhile and I found a 2015 Model S 85D that is in great condition…excellent almost. It has 103k miles on it but had a new 85kwh 400VDC battery put in by Tesla back in May 2022. The previous battery...
  2. B

    Buy 2019 Model X Long Range or 2020 Long Range Plus?

    Found a 2019 Longe Range with prepaid FSD, 35k miles, 6 seater for $57,000. The owner is willing to give up tesla account for free supercharging. Has the cream interior. The car was owned in New York City (not sure how much rust would be an issue from the salt and show in this region). The...
  3. I

    Best year model 3 long range

    So i’m looking to get into a model 3 long range, I’m specifically gunning for the ≈350 mile range version. I know the 2021 has the better range, but what about 2020? 2019? and how can i determine which battery a car has without going there in person and checking the range? and the premium...
  4. A

    New enhanced SR+ trim launched in China

    525 km range. Not sure what testing standard it uses but model 3 SR+ only has 468 km range under the same standard. Full premium interior. Much better than the SR+ Y we had here in February. The price is only $42,600 no additional sales taxes. I am so jealous.😫😫😫
  5. TimothyHW3

    New M3 battery in parts catalogue?

    I was browsing through the catalogue to see any evidence of a new battery for the Model 3 and I found this 1137375-01-N ASY,HVBAT,75kWh,AWD-RWD,1PH,M3,REMANUFACTURED This is clearly after J from last year, at least 4 itterations after 1137375-01-J I tried googling the- N part, but I only found...
  6. AlanSubie4Life

    Screen Capture Of HW Config from 100kWh Model 3

    https://twitter.com/greentheonly/status/1272570776257024002?s=21 Game changer? Seems like all the other car companies are falling behind. Unfortunately for Tesla no one will want to drive anywhere for the rest of the year.
  7. B

    2013 MS 60 91k Miles NEW BATTERY

    Looking to sell my excellent condition 2013 MS 60 for $42,000. I'm the second owner. Bought as a CPO from Tesla Car has about 91k miles on it but I just had the battery completely replaced. That means BRAND NEW battery with 8 years of warranty and unlimited miles on it plus another 50,000...
  8. Electric700

    Battery Innovation Multiplies Li-ion Energy Density Several Times

    A university group is ready to partner with a battery manufacturer (Tesla/Gigafactory?) to commercialize its battery improvements that have multiplied li-ion's energy storage density several times, along with at least doubling the battery's lifespan. More here: Going small with silicon...