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  1. WattTheHeck

    18" Unplugged Performance Beadlock Off-road Wheels on Model Y

    Just got a set of the 18" Unplugged Performance Beadlock Off-road Wheels for my Model Y. I think I'm going to put on some Falken Wildpeak A/T Trail (255/55 R18) tires on them. I'm also running the UP Dirt and Snow Coilovers set to an extra 1" of ride height but I might adjust it higher (up to...
  2. C

    2022 Tesla Model 3 Air Suspension for offroad and highway efficiency

    I have a 2022 M3LR that scrapes every time coming into my driveway due to the angle. I also live down a dirt road that has sizeable potholes. My Subaru outback has no problems but the model 3 has had two skid plates replaced already due to damage. A friend of mine suggested I install a spacer...
  3. W

    Heavy Snow and Icy driving Tip

    when it’s really slippery out or a big snow fall I use the “off-road” mode instead of slip start. I find S/S is good to get you out of a pickle but for green light take offs and city driving the off road mode really helps with traction. Try it out when you can! Side note: not using friction...
  4. N

    Wading depth

    Hey there folks, How deep can a Model X go trough water? I'm not referring to flooded roads but to river crossings (Iceland). Meaning the car will be "underwater" for maximum half a minute. So how deep of a river (or standing water) can I cross with a model X?
  5. A

    Strange Buzzing/Whirring noise coming from car when off-road

    Hi Guys, So for some context, my car is the AWD Long Range Model 3. Not sure if anyone else has experienced this, but I'm on holiday in Scotland and the drive/path to the cottage is littered with massive potholes so I try to be cheeky and drive half on the grass, half on the road, just to...
  6. P

    Stock Model 3 goes off road

    We took our stock Model 3 off road last weekend and it got a bit rockier than expected but she handled like a champ!!! When we got to the trailhead we saw a Model S that had also made the rocky journey in their luxury vehicle. Now thinking about putting an after market lift on the Model 3 --...
  7. MountainPass

    Vendor MPP 1.75″ Model Y Suspension Lift Kit

    Increase your Tesla Model Y’s ground clearance 1.75″ increase in ground clearance to clear snow, speedbumps, rough terrain, steep driveways etc. Compatible with all models, including cars equipped with lowering springs or coilovers. CNC Aluminum Spacers anodized to resist the elements and look...
  8. T

    Model X offroad capability

    Do you also think that the Model X is ideal for the field? :cool:
  9. T

    Tesla owners living on Dirt Roads, Your Thoughts?

    Hey Tesla owners I live on a dirt road. Yeah yeah I know in reading through some older forums how some people almost compare driving a Tesla on an unpaved road to committing some sort of suicide or like living in a haunted house or something. Anyway, so yeah I live on a dirt road, I own a...
  10. Chrisizzle

    Off roading Model X

    How far off road has anyone taken their Model X ? I'd enjoy seeing pictures or reading tips. I had to get creative with -25C temps (-13F) and a route with no Superchargers. To shave distance, I ended up on a logging road. Although not truly 'off roading', it was unmaintained with ruts and long...