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poor service

  1. AndyWarrington

    Service/Support provision

    So I had a colleague inform me last night that my offside rear cluster wasn't working, I raised a service ticket when I got home. Today I'm told by Tesla service that the 28th March is the soonest they can get to me to fix it I don't think I'm being unreasonable to think that's quiet a long wait...
  2. A

    Less than 150 kms range?

    Hi, is anyone else also struggling with low efficiency of the car that drives less than 150kms on full charge? Tesla service refuses to accept this as an issue.
  3. C

    Service nightmare

    A week ago my Gen 3 charger flashed overheated error code. Tesla wall tech pushed an update to the charger and all good. Then my Florida based MS began maintaining 91 degree interior temperature (84 degree ambient) when parked and “off.” Numerous reboots to no avail. I explained that unlike...
  4. H

    No Way to Talk to Human at Tesla

    I've recently had a bad experience at the Raleigh Service Center and I asked for a phone number to corporate. At first, the manager said it is on the website, to which I searched and found nothing. Then she replied with what seems to be a fake mobile phone number that when googled goes to some...
  5. S

    Worst customer service ever

    Ordered a model 3 sr+ With 19” alloys early May 19, received a message saying expect delivery in August.......but didn’t hear anything after. Kept getting told the car might arrive next shipment. 7 months later I got tired of ringing and chasing. Gave up and decided to go for a used model S...
  6. A

    What happened to the good old Tesla service and how to escalate ?

    my previous car was a model S; the car and the service were amazing. switched to model X 1.5 years ago, i like the car (few minor problem) but the service is so bad. my heating stopped working 3 weeks ago, now it is winter here and driving without heating is a nightmare. called London Park...
  7. nowtleft

    Referral Programm in EU/UK

    It seems that the referral programme is being wound up in the EU/UK as referrals are not being honoured 3 months after new customers took delivery. This is NOT good enough and is a trading standards issue. The EU/UK referral team is badly letting Tesla and Elon Musk down and makes Tesla look...