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premium seats

  1. McGillUSAF

    P85 Premium Seat Retrofit

    So I managed to get a Premium Gen3 seat and was going to try and use one of the guides someone else posted for the NextGen seat retrofit but this won't be possible due to the newer style wiring/ connector. Also, the seat I purchased has the ventilated option as well so there will be even more...
  2. SucreTease

    X P100D now comes standard with all the PUP features and seat upgrades

    As of this morning, the P100D now includes the Performance Upgrade Package and the upgraded interior (and carbon fiber, if desired) in its base price.
  3. bradwjohn

    NEW Tesla Model S Rear Seat Premium Black

    Post: 1 We have a bunch of Tesla Model S Interior parts for sale. Front seats, backseats, bolsters, etc. This post is for a left rear seat for an S in Premium Black leather - brand new condition in the factory box. Retail on this part is $1222.00 from my local Tesla dealer. All of the parts...
  4. Spatters805

    Model S Seats

    This may have been discussed, but I'd like opinions on the new premium seats. I am one of the last to get the perforated/ventilated seats (tan PUP) but I don't know if I prefer the non-ventilated seats better. Tesla discontinued the ventilated/perforated seats. Looking for people's experiences...
  5. Watts Son

    Being told I "have to" take premium seats

    So I ordered with next gen seats but got this email today from DS: "I reached out to my order operations team and they confirmed with me that your Tesla will be built with the new Premium Seats. There will be no additional charge for these seats. I was also informed that if you'd prefer the...